Monday 21 September 2020

Exposed! How Fani-Kayode Battered His Ex-wife, Precious Chikwendu During Pregnancy, Assaulted Her For Six Years

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A family member has shared shocking details how FFK's marriage crashed as a result of domestic violence.

Precious and FFK
Precious and FFK marriage crashed due to alleged domestic violence
Details have emerged showing how former wife of Femi Fani-Kayode, ex-Nigerian Minister of Aviation, allegedly battered his wife Precious Chikwendu.
According to Sahara Reporters, Prisca Chikwendu-Nduka, sister to Precious Chikwendu, said that the reason the marriage collapsed was due to domestic violence that lasted for six years.
SaharaReporters had in January 2018 exclusively detailed how Fani-Kayode began to domestically abuse Precious from the first year of their marriage.
The story at the time provided by authoritative family sources revealed the extent of abuse the woman was subjected to in the marriage.
To cover up the atrocious abuse of his current wife, Fani-Kayode, who had had a hat-trick of marriages before meeting Precious, with whom he has a son, accused the Federal Government of planning to assassinate his wife, this was contained in the fake prophesy given by the controversial priest, Apostle Suleman, for 2018.
In reality, unknown to many, Fani-Kayode had accused his wife of infidelity. 
The woman, disclosed family sources, was said to be pregnant with a set of triplets at the time.
However, the husband was said to deny responsibility. 
The former minister in a text message to members of his family and friends to him and his wife said he was "reliably informed that the children Precious is carrying are not mine".
The man responsible for the pregnancy, Fani-Kayode said, was a US-based disc jockey. 
Also in the text, which had the family of the former National Security Adviser, Colonel Sambo Dasuki, in copy, the former minister told friends that he no longer wanted to have anything to do with Precious, advising their friends not to render financial assistance to her.        

"I urge you to please cut off from her and not to help her in any way. She has told the world that you intend to help her with money and I urge you to be very wary of doing so. No friend of hers can remain mine. I urge you to be very careful of this mad, ungrateful, deceitful and treacherous woman," he warned friends.                            
Sources close to the distressed marriage told SaharaReporters that Fani-Kayode started physically abusing Precious from the first year of the marriage, a fate that befell her three predecessors.  
The violence, this website was told, increased as the years went by. 
He was said to have ordered her to abort the pregnancy that resulted in their son. 
Precious ignored him but got a savage beating, including on her belly, for the recalcitrance. 
A source said when Fani-Kayode came up with the allegation of infidelity, he hit the woman very violently in presence of their house-help, who he threatened with a gun by sticking the weapon in her mouth to warn her against squealing.
In a series of Facebook post on Friday that now confirms most of SaharaReporters independent findings in 2018, Fani-Kayode’s former sister-in-law said he serially abused Precious while concealing his behaviour by inducing two family members, who consistently cajoled her to remain in the abusive marriage for many years.
Her post reads in part, “It is disheartening when people you look up to and who should have your back turn against you because of monetary gain.

“I have kept silent on this issue but it is time we took a stand.

“Rev Okey Onyemachi and Joy Onyemachi, you both cannot deny knowing my husband's sister beats her!

“Aunty Joy Onyemachi, you have witnessed him beating her several times especially during pregnancy. I have had discussions with both of you several times about leaving that marriage before he kills her, but you both said she has to stay on that it makes no sense leaving him without anything after giving him sons.

“When my mom was still here, the excuse of her staying on was that he was paying her medical bills which he actually was. But I had a problem with giving God’s place to heal, to man and I never hid it. After everything, my mom passed. With her passing the new excuse was that she stays for the children.

“You Insisted you guys were handling the domestic violence situation with her husband and that you were also living it in prayers. Little did we know that you were both taking a stand before us and sucking up to an abuser behind our backs.

“The abuse never stopped and thanks to you both, there was added strain between we her siblings and her because you somehow portrayed us as enemies. And she bought your stand unfortunately because she wanted to keep her home.

“Yes the incident with the knife occurred, but the truth you purposely ignored is that she picked that knife to protect herself from being beaten again and you both know it!

“Furthermore unclear Okey, (I use the word uncle/aunt lightly because you, in my opinion, don’t deserve it, but I’ll rather use it to call you the Reverend or pastor cos your actions are a let down to that title), you were not there when the knife incident happened so it amazes me how you have this detailed false description of what happened that day.

“Now to obvious facts, Even if Precious had a mental breakdown like you claim, who wouldn’t? Considering what she had gone through in that house for almost six years.

“A house she had no say in, a house where she was constantly humiliated before staff and sometimes visitors. A house where one who calls himself a husband will call and pay fake pastors to be giving fake prophecies against his wife, one which is that she has spiritual problems and she is only giving because she’s under his spiritual covering, that the day she leaves his covering she will die. You are very aware of this!” 

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