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How I Was Hypnotized, Almost Used For Money Rituals By My Boyfriend - Teenage Girl Recounts

How I Was Hypnotized, Almost Used For Money Rituals By My Boyfriend - Teenage Girl Recounts

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A teenage girl has told of how she was hypnotized and almost used for rituals by her boyfriend.

The victim
Her stricken scream of help me rented the air at the early hours of Tuesday,  jolting residents of Mechanic Village in Jakande Estate, Oke-Afa, Isolo area of Lagos, from sleep. But none went out to know the cause because it was too late to do so.

Her piercing cries gradually subsided,, with a man’s voice ordering her to get out of the house.

By morning, her personal effects were seen littered in front of a barbing saloon which served as home for her and  her 28-year-old boyfriend.

By the time residents went  out to find out the cause of the  agitation, she was sighted  crouching at a corner,  with  blood -shot eyes.

Out of curiosity and concern for the agonizing teenager later identified  simply as Favour, this reporter decided to invite her for a tete-a tete , few days later and her narration depicted that of abuse and torture , right from a tender age.
She stated how she was  taken from her widowed mother in Abia state, alongside one of her siblings to live in Lagos with one of her aunts, at the age of eight..

Things went  well until she turned 12, no thanks to some friends she surrounded herself with.
Wrong signal
According to her, “ I am from Abia State. I left home after the demise of my father. I was a well behaved girl and was intelligent and godly.  But everything changed when  I was in Junior Secondary School 2. Then I was 12 years old. My aunt started complaining of my unruly attitude.

The friends I surrounded myself with  misled me . They told me to steal my aunt’s money and bring it to school for them to spend.
“Whenever we were returning from school, a barber would be calling me but I would ignore him. One day, my friends  lured me to the barber’s shop and also accompanied me. By the time we got there, he prepared noodles for us. But mine took a longer time . By the time I was served, I immediately fell in love with the 28-year-old barber, Wale. It got to an extent that I started talking back at my aunt.

When she found out about Wale and confronted me, I told her to let me live my life, after all she had her own husband.

Unable to tolerate my insolence, my aunt took me to my grand mother’s at Ejigbo. From there , I would come and see my love.

When my grandmother told me she did not want to see me with the Wale again, I  left her house and came to live with the barber at age 12.
Things fall apart
Barely had I started living with him than he showed his true self. He would beat me and throw me out of the shop which served as home for me. At a point I began to wonder if this was the person I fell in love with.
He attempted to kill me several times by strangling me. How I managed to survive those times remains a miracle.  He boasted that he would  kill me and  nothing would happen. At a point, I left his shop. But each time I left, I saw myself coming back to him.
“I never knew I was pregnant until people told me . One day, when I went home to visit  my aunt, she said I was pregnant but I denied. She took me to the hospital where it was confirmed to be true.

When I informed Wale  of the pregnancy, he responded  with another round of beating, asking why I got pregnant in the first place. Like every other time, he threw me out.

I sought refuge in a family’s house, where the  woman advised me to abort the pregnancy , that I would regret my action if I decided to give birth to the baby. With her help I aborted the pregnancy.

After the abortion, I began to bleed . The woman threatened to get my boy friend arrested but I begged her not to, out of anger, she chased me out of the house and   told me never to set my feet in her house again”.
Blood oath
Unsure of where to lay her head, the teenager said she returned to her boyfriend’s shop.

She said, “  when he saw me, he started laughing and boasted that I would always return to him. He took me to Ibadan, where we took a blood oath never to leave each other”.

Asked how the oath was done, she replied, “ he brought something which he said he brought from a shrine. We mix our blood and licked it. He said whoever left the other would die in a car accident.

That was the beginning of another round of suffering for me, as everyone I went to anytime he beats me, would not want to take me in. Those who used to help me became withdrawn”.
She stated that she went back to her aunt and narrated what she had been going through in the hands of the barber..

She said, “ my aunt insisted that  I must go for deliverance in order to break the spell of the blood covenant.

A woman who was moved with compassion at my plight, took me to an Alfa( Muslim Cleric)  to reveal that Wale  had undone his own part of the covenant and that if he cheated on me, nothing would happen to him.

He further revealed that  my boyfriend’s intention was to use me for money rituals and by  killing  me and burying my remains inside the shop without anyone knowing where I was , since  he had succeeded in separating me from my family.

He  revealed also  that my boyfriend had cut a chunk of my hair as part of the ritual process.
Immediately he finished talking, it was as if a scale fell from my face. I immediately developed the initial dislike I had for Wale, especially when I was made to understand that he cast spell of love on me because of his sinister motive.

I  began to put things together and recalled  how he had boasted of traveling  out of Nigeria and that I would suffer to death after his departure”.

She said that another shock awaited her when her aunt went to confront  Wale. She said, “ to my greatest shock, he denied knowing me . He told my aunt that he had never seen me in life.

Anyway, I am grateful to God that I am alive to share this story. At 15, I have had an unfair experience in life . My advice to teenagers out there is to heed their parents and guardians advice.

Unfortunately, my aunt has refused to take me back . All I want is a place to lay my head . I sleep wherever dark meets me. I don’t want to go back to him “, she said amidst tears.
Source: Vanguard

Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Don’t Marry A Lady That Can’t Cook – Pastor Adeboye Advises

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The general overseer of RCCG, Pastor Enoch Adeboye warns men to desist from marrying women who can't cook.

Pastor Enoch Adeboye
Nigerian pastor and general overseer of RCCG, Enoch Adeboye, has advised young and single men not to get married to a woman who cannot cook.

Pastor Adeboye, is known for giving advice to his followers and this does not exclude young ladies and men.

Taking to his Twitter page not quite long, he dished out an advise to young men, telling them on an ‘important’ feature to look out for, when choosing a spouse.

According to him, men should not get married to women who cannot cook nor do chores because they cannot always be eating outside. He also warned men not to get married to a girl who is ‘wordly.’
See what he wrote on Twitter below;

My sons, don’t marry a lady who cannot cook. She needs to know how to do chores and cook because you cannot afford to be eating out all the time.
My sons, don’t marry a girl who is worldly. If you do, you have carried what you’ll worship for the rest of your life.

UNIBEN Student Accuses Boyfriend Of Money Rituals For Breaking Up With Her (Video)

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A Nigerian man has raised alarm after his girlfriend of 7 months accused him of trying to use her for money ritual.

The woman accused her boyfriend of trying to use her for money ritual
The woman accused her boyfriend of trying to use her for money ritual
A man identified as Chris Konor Ehima has shared a video to show how his girlfriend of 7 months falsely accused him of trying to use her for money rituals.
It was gathered that the lady identified as Judith, a UNIBEN student, was in a hotel room with the guy who travelled all the way from Lagos to Benin to spend Valentine’s Day with her.
Unfortunately, he had to break up with the lady because of her toxic behaviour. Pained by the decision, she accused him of trying to use her for money rituals. 
Watch video below: 

UPDATE: Ilaro Polytechnic SUG President Granted Bail As Ogun Govt Intervenes

UPDATE: Ilaro Polytechnic SUG President Granted Bail As Ogun Govt Intervenes

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Ilaro Poly SUG President, Adegboye Olatunji who was allegedly arrested for cultism has been granted bail.

SUG President, Adegboye Olatunji
The Students’ Union President of the Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro, Ogun State, Adegboye Olatunji, who was arrested for alleged involvement in cultism, has been granted bail.

DAILY POST reports that Olatunji was granted bail by a Magistrate Court sitting in Ifo area of Ogun State on Monday.

The SUG President was arrested last week, allegedly inside a bush at Gbogidi area of Ilaro, when new intakes were being initiated.

On Sunday, the Southwest Zone of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) threatened to embark on a statewide protest if Olatunji was not charged to court by the police.

NANS alleged that the police and the management of the polytechnic were making efforts to tarnish the image of the SUG President.

In a swift reaction, the Ogun Police Command warned the students not to embark on the planned protest as anybody caught would face the full weight of the law.

Meanwhile, Olatunji was docked yesterday by the police on three-count charge.

He was, however, granted bail in the sum of N200,000, with two sureties in like sum as the case was adjourned till February 20.

Speaking on the issue, the Special Assistant to Governor Dapo Abiodun on Students Matters, Azeez Adeyemi, said the State Government waded into the matter to forestall breakdown of law and order.

Adeyemi, who also doubles as NANS National Public Relations Officer, said he met with the police and the students to resolve the matter amicably.

He said: “The protest didn’t hold because the government of Dapo Abiodun cannot sit and watch the state being under fire over an issue that we can sit and resolve amicably.

“As a Special Assistant to the governor on students matters, I have to do the needful basically with the past experience I have in students’ struggle.

“We were able to convince the Nigerian students and give them reasons why we will need to return to the dialogue table and we could achieve the best of result. And I think to the best of my knowledge, we have been able to achieve the best result we could achieve.

“We stand down the protest on the intervention of the state. Myself as the agent of the state government has to wade in and put out calls to both sides for us to have the continued peace we are enjoying in the state.

“I met with the students and as well met with CP. We had a robust discussion between the CP and myself and we both agree that we should suspend it till I come down to Eleweran to have a meeting with the management team.

“After the meeting, we were able to resolve that the boy should be charged to court; at least, that would guarantee his freedom pending the time the case would be tested in the court of law.”

BREAKING: Supreme Court Says It Will Not Hear Ihedioha's Application Today, See Why

BREAKING: Supreme Court Says It Will Not Hear Ihedioha's Application Today, See Why

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The application for review of a recent judgement by Emeka Ihedioha will not be entertained today by the Supreme Court.

Emeka Ihedioha
Emeka Ihedioha
The Supreme Court will not hear application by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and sacked Imo State Governor, Emeka Ihedioha today.
The case has now been adjourned till March 2.
The PDP and Ihedioha are, by the application, praying the court to, among others, reverse its judgment on January 14 this year, which sacked Ihedioha and replaced him with Hope Uzodinma of the All Progressives Congress (APC).
At the mention of the case on Tuesday, Ihedioha’s lead lawyer, Kanu Agabi sought for time to enable parties file the necessary papers, a request other lawyers in the case did not object to.
A seven-man panel of the Supreme Court, led by the Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN), Justice Ibrahim Muhammad, in a brief ruling, grant the request for adjournment and adjourned till March 2, 2020.
Details shortly.

Take A look At The Content Of Missing Purse Lost In 1957 And Found In 2019 Inside School Wall

Take A look At The Content Of Missing Purse Lost In 1957 And Found In 2019 Inside School Wall

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A Lady's purse which was lost 62 years ago in an Ohio school has been found with the contents still intact.

The missing purse
A lady’s purse that went missing in 1957 has been found in between a locker and a wall in an Ohio middle school, and the content will amaze you.

The red purse covered in dust was discovered last year by Chas Pyle, a custodian at North Canton Middle School, when he was reattaching the trim between the lockers and the wall. The school district in North Canton, Ohio, posted images of the long-lost purse, trying to find its owner, CNN reports.

After some investigating the school learned it had belonged to former student Patti Rumfola, who lost it in 1957. Rumfola passed away in 2013, but the school was able to connect with her children.

“Patti’s five children were together for a family gathering in the fall where they opened the purse to have a glimpse into their mother’s life as a teenager at Hoover High School,” said the school’s post on Facebook.

The contents of the woman’s clutch were revealed on social media by the school Thursday, offering a glimpse into the life of an American teenager in the 50’s. Like many women, Rumfola carried around a comb and some makeup, including powder and lipstick in the shade of “pastel pink.”

The purse also contained her membership cards to the local public library, YMCA and American Junior Red Cross. There also were several black-and-white photos of what appears to be family and friends as well as a dog, one dating back to 1950.

“Patti. Good luck to a swell girl and friend. Bonnie” is inscribed on one of the photos.

She even had a high school football schedule from 1956, showing where she had marked off some the games.

Rumfola’s purse also held 26 cents, which became special mementos for her children.
“Each of her five children kept one of the wheat pennies as a token of remembrance of their mom,” said the school district.

Rumfola graduated from the school district in 1960 and went on to have a career as a teacher. She married John G. Michele in 1980 and he preceded her in death, according to her obituary.
More photos:

Reps Reject Made-in-Nigeria Cars, Order 400 Exotic Foreign Cars

Reps Reject Made-in-Nigeria Cars, Order 400 Exotic Foreign Cars

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Nigeria's House of Representatives has ordered 400 exotic foreign cars while rejecting cars from Nigerian makers.

House of Representatives
House of Representatives
The House of Representatives has shelves suggestions to acquire made-in-Nigeria cars, instead, it opted for Toyota Camry 2020 model for members as official cars, otherwise called utility vehicles.
According to a report by Punch, the resolution was reached at an executive (closed-door) session held on February 5, 2020.
A source in the chamber, who spoke on condition of anonymity as members were forbidden from disclosing details of the discussions at the closed-door meeting, said the National Assembly would purchase 400 exotic cars.
The lawmaker, however, kept mum on the cost of each car.
When contacted on Sunday, a representative of Elizade Nigeria Limited, a foremost Toyota brand distributor, said the 2020 model had yet to arrive in the country.
The representative, however, said the 2019 model was N26.75m and N35.75m (for V6 engine).
The 2020 model is expected to be costlier.
A check on the website of Toyota showed that the price of the car, depending on the variants, is between $25,000 (N9,000,000 at N360 to a dollar) and $35,000 (N12,600,000), excluding the cost of shipping, import duty which is 70 per cent of the net cost and other clearing charges and taxes at the port.
For instance, those with higher specification, as the National Assembly usually goes for higher range of vehicles, are XLE at $29,455; XLE V6 at $34,580; XSE at $30,005 and XSE V6 at $35,130.
At the meeting, the lawmakers were said to have rejected Nigerian brands, insisting on foreign ones, preferably imported and not locally assembled.
The lawmaker said a proposal to patronise Innoson Vehicles Manufacturing, a Nigerian brand based in Nnewi, Anambra State, was rejected.
The lawmaker said, “It is Toyota Camry 2020. Manga will supply 300 of the vehicles. The person who supplied the Senate will supply the remaining 100. Someone suggested Innoson. I feel he was being sarcastic. He is from Anambra.”
Already, about 14 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Jeeps were said to have already been shared to the presiding and principal officers as well as chairmen of select House committees.
Giving the breakdown of how the vehicles would be shared, the source said the 400 saloon cars would be allocated to each of the 360 members and some top management staff, Chiefs of Staff to the two presiding officers as well as some of their special advisers and assistants.
Another member of the House, who also declined to be named, said some of the vehicles had been supplied while new members who did not get committee appointments would be the beneficiaries of the first batch.

Monday, 17 February 2020

Nnamdi Kanu: I Was Live On My Parent’s Burial Only Few Knew About It

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The leader of the indigenous people of Biafra, Nnamdi Okwu Kanu was live during his parent burial on Thursday, February 14, 2020. This statement was made by Kanu himself via one of his social media handles this morning around 4:23 AM African time.

Kanu, made it clear on his short essay that it is an abomination in Igbo land for the first son of royal family not to be around during the burial of their deceased parent , pointing out that the gods will not be happy with such fellow, no matter the circumstances.

in other words, that is the reason he was able to attend the burial, but only a few people were aware of it.
how did he do it? listen to what he said.
''chukwu Okike Abiama made it possible for me to be live during my parents burial, even with all the trail of the enemies to make sure i will not be there.'' said Kanu
“I am the prince of Afaruku Ibeku the first son of my father; I would rather go on war with the Nigerian government than not to attend my parent's burial, which indeed i was there live. I hope this will make Nigerians understand that they don’t have security.” He said this after he successfully attended his parent burial yesterday.

He continued by saying “this is not the first time I have been in Nigeria ever since I left this country Nigeria due to the struggle for the restoration of Biafra, once I have attended child dedication in Lagos, and on my arrival, Nigeria security that was given the order to hunt me, were still the same people helping me and my colleague to clear our luggage’s at the airport, I repeat Nigeria as a nation doesn’t have security.”
Looking at the above statements, it clear that Nnamdi Okwu Kanu was live at his parent’s burial.did he disappear to be there?

am of the opinion that Mr. President Muhammad Buhari will now know that Kanu is more powerful and intelligent than the whole Nigerians force put together.
Kanu’s arrival to his parent burial was engineered by the top leaders in IPOB, and they kept it as a secret. Among the attendee who knew that Kanu was around is Enyinnaya Abaribe, whom the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) have enormous trust and respect for as the only truthful politician in Nigeria.

However, Peter obi was live during the burial, yet didn’t have an idea that Kanu was there too.

Developing An Academic Heroes Reading Madness Divine Onyx School

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What Are Articles?
Articles are words that define a noun as specific or unspecific. Consider the following examples:

After the long day, the cup of tea tasted particularly good.

By using the article the, we’ve shown that it was one specific day that was long and one specific cup of tea that tasted good.
After a long day, a cup of tea tastes particularly good.

By using the article a, we’ve created a general statement, implying that any cup of tea would taste good after any long day.

Here’s a tip: Want to make sure your writing always looks great? Grammarly can save you from misspellings, grammatical and punctuation mistakes, and other writing issues on all your favorite websites.
Your writing, at its best.

Be the best writer in the office.
English has two types of articles: definite and indefinite. Let’s discuss them now in more detail.

The Definite Article

The definite article is the word the. It limits the meaning of a noun to one particular thing. For example, your friend might ask, “Are you going to the party this weekend?”

The definite article tells you that your friend is referring to a specific party that both of you know about. The definite article can be used with singular, plural, or uncountable nouns. Below are some examples of the definite article the used in context:

Please give me the hammer.
Please give me the red hammer; the blue one is too small.

Please give me the nail.
Please give me the large nail; it’s the only one strong enough to hold this painting.
Please give me the hammer and the nail.

The Indefinite Article

The indefinite article takes two forms. It’s the word a when it precedes a word that begins with a consonant. It’s the word an when it precedes a word that begins with a vowel. The indefinite article indicates that a noun refers to a general idea rather than a particular thing. For example, you might ask your friend, “Should I bring a gift to the party?” Your friend will understand that you are not asking about a specific type of gift or a specific item. “I am going to bring an apple pie,” your friend tells you. Again, the indefinite article indicates that she is not talking about a specific apple pie. Your friend probably doesn’t even have any pie yet. The indefinite article only appears with singular nouns. Consider the following examples of indefinite articles used in context:

Please hand me a book; any book will do.
Please hand me an autobiography; any autobiography will do.

Exceptions: Choosing A or An

There are a few exceptions to the general rule of using a before words that start with consonants and an before words that begin with vowels. The first letter of the word honor, for example, is a consonant, but it’s unpronounced. In spite of its spelling, the word honor begins with a vowel sound. Therefore, we use an. Consider the example sentence below for an illustration of this concept.

My mother is a honest woman.
My mother is an honest woman.
Similarly, when the first letter of a word is a vowel but is pronounced with a consonant sound, use a, as in the sample sentence below:

She is an United States senator.
She is a United States senator.
This holds true with acronyms and initialisms, too: an LCD display, a UK-based company, an HR department, a URL.

Article Before an Adjective

Sometimes an article modifies a noun that is also modified by an adjective. The usual word order is article + adjective + noun. If the article is indefinite, choose a or an based on the word that immediately follows it. Consider the following examples for reference:

Eliza will bring a small gift to Sophie’s party.

I heard an interesting story yesterday.
Indefinite Articles with Uncountable Nouns
Uncountable nouns are nouns that are either difficult or impossible to count. Uncountable nouns include intangible things (e.g., information, air), liquids (e.g., milk, wine), and things that are too large or numerous to count (e.g., equipment, sand, wood).

Because these things can’t be counted, you should never use a or an with them—remember, the indefinite article is only for singular nouns. Uncountable nouns can be modified by words like some, however.

Consider the examples below for reference:

Please give me a water.
Water is an uncountable noun and should not be used with the indefinite article.

Please give me some water.
However, if you describe the water in terms of countable units (like bottles), you can use the indefinite article.

Please give me a bottle of water.
Please give me an ice.
Please give me an ice cube.
Please give me some ice .
Note that depending on the context, some nouns can be countable or uncountable (e.g., hair, noise, time):

We need a light in this room.
We need some light in this room.

Using Articles with Pronouns

Possessive pronouns can help identify whether you’re talking about specific or nonspecific items. As we’ve seen, articles also indicate specificity. But if you use both a possessive pronoun and an article at the same time, readers will become confused. Possessive pronouns are words like his, my, our, its, her, and their. Articles should not be used with pronouns. Consider the examples below.

Why are you reading the my book?
The and my should not be used together since they are both meant to modify the same noun. Instead, you should use one or the other, depending on the intended meaning:

Why are you reading the book?
Why are you reading my book?
Omission of Articles
Occasionally, articles are omitted altogether before certain nouns. In these cases, the article is implied but not actually present. This implied article is sometimes called a “zero article.” Often, the article is omitted before nouns that refer to abstract ideas. Look at the following examples:

Let’s go out for a dinner tonight.
Let’s go out for dinner tonight.
The creativity is a valuable quality in children.
Creativity is a valuable quality in children.
Many languages and nationalities are not preceded by an article. Consider the example below:

I studied the French in high school for four years.
I studied French in high school for four years.
Sports and academic subjects do not require articles. See the sentences below for reference:

I like to play the baseball.
I like to play baseball .
My sister was always good at the math .
My sister was always good at math

Answer the following questions and summit it as you come to school tomorrow.

1..... President of the United States will be visiting Australia next week.
a A
b An

2 I want to buy ........ laptop computer next week. Can you please go to ......... grocery store on Fifth Street and buy it for me

3...... Please meet me at the train station in ......... hour from now.

4  I like to watch tennis on television. It is ......... very good game.

5 My brother won an award for being ......... best speller in our........

6 I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw ......... elephant crossing the.......

7 Hello, my name is Bob! I haven't anything to do tonight, so if you're........ how much will it cost to go on ......... holiday to Bali............?

8 Can you please help me pick out ......... birthday present for my... .......

 9 President of the United States will be visiting Australia next........ For ..........

3 Herdsmen Killed In Anambra, 2 Community Leaders Detained

3 Herdsmen Killed In Anambra, 2 Community Leaders Detained

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Security operatives have arrested two community members in Anambra following the alleged death of three herdsmen.

The Deputy President General of Ifite Ogwari Community in Ayamelum local government area of Anambra State, Chief Nwaora Ikeoala and the town’s chief security officer, Chief Michael Akamala have been detained at the Anambra State Police headquarters in Awka over the alleged killing of three herdsmen and some cows after the destruction of cultivated large farmlands in the area by Fulani herdsmen.
According to Vanguard, the two community leaders, who spoke from their detention at the Special Investigation Bureau, SIB, Awka, on Sunday insisted that they never killed anybody, even as they admitted meeting after an attack on their farms to access the level of damage to crops by the herdsmen in line with the directive of the state government’s special security task force on farmers- herdsmen relationship in the state.
The state Deputy Commissioner of Police, Mr. Baba Maiyaki, who also spoke with reporters, said three herdsmen lost their lives, but only one body was recovered, adding that it was the reason the community leaders were being detained, while investigation into the matter was continuing.

Vanguard gathered that the community leaders were arrested shortly after they held a meeting with Governor Willie Obiano, who was said to be worried about the increasing level of insecurity in the area.
Narrating their ordeal, the Deputy PG for Ifite Ogwari said: “We were in a meeting to access the damage done on our farms by the herdsmen when the Divisional Police Officer for our area called me and demanded to see us. When we went, he took us to many places and ended up at a mortuary at Adani but we did not see any dead body. Since then, we have been in detention without knowing what our offence was.”
He said his community was living peacefully with the herdsmen until the recent incident following the alleged invasion of the area by another set of herdsmen.
A nongovernmental organization, the Igbo Mandate Congress, which had intervened in the matter, claimed that it was the leadership of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria MACBAN, in the South East that alleged that youths of Ifite-Ogwari killed some herders and 108 cows between December 20, 2019 and January 27, 2020.
Director General of Igbo Mandate Congress, Reverend Obinna Akukwe said the organization has been following up the issue since Miyetti Allah leaders raised the alarm last week, adding that a preliminary report had already been sent to Ohanaeze Ndigbo, the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, and members of the diplomatic community on the situation at Ifite-Ogwari, which, according to him, was capable of turning Anambra State into a theatre of war.

He said: “The community leaders of Ifite-Ogwari are being detained at the insistence of leaders of Miyetti Allah in the South East. The police justified their incarceration on the mantra that they are still investigating and looking for the killers of the herdsmen and the 108 cows.
“The legal adviser to the community, Mr. Michael Chukwuemeka, has been denied proper access to the detained elders and the Deputy President General is in bad state of health.

“Top officials of Anambra State government told IMC that Governor Obiano recently asked the Commissioner of Police to release the elders, but the Police declined, insisting that only order from Abuja can guarantee their release.

“The elders and youths of Ifite-Ogwari had made repeated efforts to get the attention of the state government to the tension, and they were repeatedly told to forgive their enemies for the sake of national unity. They claimed that at no point between December and January did the youth mobilize against the Fulani.”

“If anybody ever died, as claimed by Miyetti Allah, it could be as a result of a private clash between an infuriated farmer and herdsman, and the community was not involved in it.

“Igbo Mandate Congress advises Governor Obiano to stop taxing the Ifite Ogwari community, and pay from state coffers the N38 million the Miyetti Allah demanded for the allegedly killed 108 cows. The governor should also pay N18 million for the destroyed farmlands and N18 million for rehabilitation of families whose daughters and mothers have been senselessly raped since the state failed to protect the community after repeated alarms.”

It also urged the police to order the release of the community leaders and pay them compensation for what the groups described as illegal detention, even as it advised the youths of Ifite Ogwari to suspend any planned reaction and allow a solution to be worked out by concerned Igbo leaders.

After 31 Years Of Marriage, Nigerian Couple Welcome Twins

After 31 Years Of Marriage, Nigerian Couple Welcome Twins

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A Nigerian couple who have been married for 31 years without children have been recently blessed with twins.

The couple
A Nigerian couple has reportedly welcomed a set of twins after 31 years of marriage.

The couple who got married in 1989, welcomed their first babies, a boy and a girl, on Thursday February 6.

Facebook user Nikeagbeja Adesanya who shared a photo of the couple, wrote;
“God blessed this couple with a set of twins, a boy and a girl, last week Thursday, to crown their marriage solemnized in 1989.
 I read about Sarah and Elizabeth’s, I am a LIVING WITNESS to this one of Iyabo Ajewole, of The APOSTOLIC CHURCH, NIGERIA.
 THE LORD IS GOOD, at all times. CONGRATULATIONS! Mummy Irewole and Ayowole Ajewole.”

Coronavirus: Nigerians Trapped In Wuhan, China Cry Out 'Bring Us Home' (Photos)

Coronavirus: Nigerians Trapped In Wuhan, China Cry Out 'Bring Us Home' (Photos)

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Nigerians living in Wuhan area of China have sent out a 'save our soul' message to the federal government.

Nigerians trapped in Wuhan beg for help from FG
Nigerians trapped in Wuhan beg for help from FG
As the Coronavirus ravages China with reported cases rising to over 17000 infections in total with 21,588 alone in mainland China, Nigerians trapped in the country have cried out for help.
It should be noted too that over 1,000 persons have died from the disease.
Over 60 Nigerians are trapped in Wuhan the epicentre of the of the out break.
Nigerians in Wuhan China in desperate need for help have carried placards bearing words like 'Bring Us Home, Nigerians Trapped In Wuhan China' in a bid to attract the attention of the federal government.
They also shared photos on social media to press home their demands for immediate evacuation.
See more photos below: 

Ghen Ghen! Tonto Dikeh's Ex Husband, Churchill Hits Her With A Law Suite, Demands N500 Million

Ghen Ghen! Tonto Dikeh's Ex Husband, Churchill Hits Her With A Law Suite, Demands N500 Million

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Olakunle Churchill, Ex-Husband of Nollywood actress,Tonto Dikeh has sued her for defamation.

Olakunle Churchill, Tonto Dikeh
Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh has been sued by her ex-husband Olakunle Churchill over her explosive interview in May 2019.

Olakunle Churchill who referenced the three-part YouTube series titled ‘The Evidence’ which was shared in May 2019, said his ex-wife accused him of being into cyber fraud popularly known as Yahoo Yahoo and also alleged that she caught him clad in a red cloth, surrounded by red candles with a laptop placed on his lap.

He also sought for legal redress against Tonto Dikeh over claim of his father being a gardener as she dispelled speculation of him being related to former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

In the lawsuit notice which has him as the 1st claimant and Big Church Foundation as the second claimant, Churchill stated that the allegations are baseless and sponsored to tarnish and damage his image and political ambition. He hinted on telling Tonto Dikeh about his intention to run for the House of Representatives in his constituency.

It read in parts;

“The series of malicious and fallacious allegations, assertions and accusations through media campaigns and publications by Tonto Dikeh and her charity group was defamatory.”

In the court summon which has gone viral, the actress was asked to appear for trial 14 days from December 10, 2019, as the court may proceed therein with judgment even in her absence.

The case is expected to come up on Thursday February 20. 
See the court papers below;
Churchill sues ex-wife Tonto Dikeh, demands N500 million
Churchill sues ex-wife Tonto Dikeh, demands N500 million
Churchill sues ex-wife Tonto Dikeh, demands N500 million
Churchill sues ex-wife Tonto Dikeh, demands N500 million

APC Is A Yahoo Yahoo Party - Pastor Giwa Blows Hot

APC Is A Yahoo Yahoo Party - Pastor Giwa Blows Hot

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The ruling All Progressives Congress has been accused of not performing to the expectations of Nigerians.

Pastor Giwa and President Muhammadu Buhari
Pastor Giwa and President Muhammadu Buhari
A senior Pastor of Awaiting The Second Coming of Jesus Christ Ministry, Adewale Giwa has accused the ruling All Progressives Congress of being a yahoo yahoo party.
The man of God spoke on Sunday while addressing his church members on national issues.
His comment was against the backdrop of the Supreme Court judgement on Bayelsa, which nullified the governorship election of the All Progressives Congress (APC).
Giwa noted that any Prophet or Pastor trying to predict what will happen next in Nigeria is deceiving himself, adding that Buhari and his party stalwarts are only those who understand what is currently going on.

“You have seen how someone who came fourth became the governor, you have also seen how a sin of the deputy governor affected the governor. President Buhari’s controversial political decisions have affected the judges in discharging their duties”, Giwa said.
“This is a country where Boko Haram leader is warning the sitting president not to visit a particular state again. This is a country where the president has woefully failed to protect the citizens.

“They are running after Yahoo boys, not knowing they are the real Yahoo Yahoo. APC came to power to dupe Nigerians. They came to power to add to the pain of the people.

“A bag of rice was sold below N8,000 before they came to power, ask them how much they sell it now. Should President Buhari wait till someone tells him that he has failed in all ramifications?

“Under this government, a Minister is requesting for $500m to upgrade NTA to the status of CNN. Under this government. Anyway, it is a lesson for Nigerians like the book of Mark 4:23 says ‘if anyone has ears to hear, let them hear.’

“We have learnt our lessons like Israelites did each time they abandoned God. The bible is clear that a society or nation that embraces wickedness will not last. Can’t you see what is happening right now?

“President Donald Trump of the United States promised to protect his people before he became the president, and he is doing just that. President Buhari promised us security, but our people are being killed on a daily basis.

“They promised us food, but our people are going to bed hungry. A functioning state requires that everything is governed by laws, according to Aristotle. In Nigeria, our leaders are tyrannising everyone. I have said it that what is happening in this country has gone beyond prayers.

“What we need to have a better country is to take action. We have what it takes to make Nigerians happy; they have sold their souls to the devil, but God will show them that He is God.

“Killers are being released while innocent people are suffering. Whoever supporting these evil people to unleash acts of terror on Nigerians shall be disgraced publicly.

“I send Holy Ghost fire in their camps to cause confusion among them in Jesus Name. God will make them to fight one another in the mighty Name of Jesus. It is well with Nigeria, it is well with those who walk with God accordingly.”

Sunday, 16 February 2020

Catholic Church Releases Photo Of Kidnapped Priest, Nicholas Oboh

Catholic Church Releases Photo Of Kidnapped Priest, Nicholas Oboh

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A photo of the Catholic priest who was kidnapped by gunmen in Edo state has been released by the church.

Fr. Nicholas Oboh
Fr. Nicholas Oboh
The Catholic Church has released the photograph of Fr. Nicholas Oboh, the Catholic priest kidnapped on Friday in Edo State.

Oboh works at the Diocese of Uromi.

He was abducted by gunmen at a place close to Benin while on his way to an important function.

“We are sure that he is alive, and since the incident, steps have been taken to ensure that Rev. Fr. Nicholas Oboh is released without any harm,” the chancellor of the Uromi diocese, Fr. Osi Odenore, said.

Four children were also kidnapped at the same time.

Fr. Odenore has said that the diocese is now working to secure Oboh’s release. The chancellor also urged prayer for the priest’s release.

The kidnapping is the latest in a series of abductions and killings in Nigeria which have involved Catholics and other Christians; clergy, seminarians, and lay people.

In Kaduna, four seminarians were kidnapped last month. Three of them were eventually set free, while one 18 year-old Michael Nnadi was killed. In Adamawa state, Rev. Lawan Andimi was also kidnapped when Boko Haram attacked Michika. He was later gruesomely beheaded by the brutish terrorists.

I Repeat, Nobody That Is Not Fela Or My Family Can Ever Say They Paved Any Way For Me - Burna Boy Insists

I Repeat, Nobody That Is Not Fela Or My Family Can Ever Say They Paved Any Way For Me - Burna Boy Insists

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Nigerian singer, Burna Boy has tried to defend his claims that he is the best artist since Fela.

Burna Boy
Burna Boy
Burna Boy insisted that nobody asides Fela or his family members can lay claim to paving the way for him.
He made this known in a series of tweets which he posted last night.
Recall that two days ago, the singer trended on Twitter after he said he is the best since Afrobeat legend, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, and that no one paved a way for him. Well, he is still standing his grounds on his opinion.
Read his tweets which he has since deleted below.

Meet Hauwa, The Female Kidnapper Who Uses Her Beauty To Lure Her Male Victims (Photo)

Meet Hauwa, The Female Kidnapper Who Uses Her Beauty To Lure Her Male Victims (Photo)

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The story has been told of Hauwa, the female kidnapper who lures her male victims using her beauty.

Hauwa Yunus
Hauwa Yunus
Nemesis finally caught up with a notorious kidnapper operating in the North, who confessed to the abductions of some of her boyfriends. While kidnapping is assumed to be the exclusive preserve of men, this female kidnapper has shown by her statement, according to police sources, that even ladies are not left out of the nefarious business.

The involvement of Hauwa Yunus, the female kidnapper, according to ArewaLive findings, has opened more dangerous dimensions to the alarming extent kidnapping has reached in the country.

It is not an exaggeration that kidnapping is now a big business in Nigeria. In fact, it is a multibillion naira business given the number of kidnappings taking place every year and the amount paid by families of kidnap victims as ransoms around the nation. Record also places Nigeria as one of the countries with the highest rate of kidnapping in the world.

Kidnapping across the North just like in other parts of the country is on the increase. A kidnap victim, AdamuLawal, who was kidnapped along Abuja /Kaduna road sometimes ago, had no cash or relatives to raise money for him. He told ArewaLive that he had to resort to selling his landed properties to raise the N5m the kidnappers demanded from him.

Lawal who spoke to Arewa Live narrated how he and others were kidnapped while travelling to Abuja in a commercial vehicle. The kidnappers waylaid the vehicle and asked everyone to disembark as they were all marched into a forest trekking for several hours until they got to a spot where the kidnappers began to contact the victims’ relations for a ransom.

‘I didn’t want to attract unnecessary noise, so I told my wife to sell our land and bring the money to the kidnappers,” he said.

However, Aliyu Ismail, another victim was able to escape from his captors. He told Arewa Live how he ran for several hours inside the bush after escaping from the kidnappers.  According to him, as from the second day after his abduction, he began to plot his escape as he didn’t have money to raise for his ransom.

According to police record, there were about 685 kidnappings in the first quarter of 2019 alone. Kidnappers and bandits have so much entrenched themselves in the business, such that even state governments such as Zamfara, are negotiating with them to either free those in their custody or give up the heinous business entirely.

In the same Zamfara State, findings have shown that people are kidnapped on a daily basis as the state government seems to have become totally incapable of bringing the menace to an end. In almost every case of kidnapping, ransoms are paid by the family of the victim. The amount paid, however, would depend on the status of the victim, his placement in the society  or the condition under which he became a victim.

According to an official statement by the Zamfara State government, released three months ago, a total sum of N3 billon was paid as ransom by families of those kidnapped in 2019 alone.

The recent arrest of HauwaYunus reportedly one of the most notorious kidnappers in the Northern part of the country, according to security sources, is helping to deconstruct the criminal act as well as helping to find a lasting solution.

The lady, named HauwaYunus, is a Fulani and lives in a village in Nasarawa State. According to a security operative, AbdullahiAlhassan, “Hauwa is from Jigawa State but lives in Masaka village in Nasarawa State.”

According to Alhassan, HauwaYunus is a very beautiful woman, who had been in three marriages. All the three marriages, he explained, had collapsed due to her wayward lifestyle and deviant attitude.

One of Hauwa’s former husbands, according to Alhassan, disclosed that she often came back home drunk. Several efforts were made to make her change her ways but all came to nought.

Hauwa, he told ArewaLive further, did not just earn her reputation as a notorious kidnapper. Her kidnap record, he stated, speaks volumes as she had been linked with the kidnap of several prominent Nigerians. Though just 24 years old, her criminal record, it was said, was far advanced than her age. She was allegedly a  specialist in using her beauty to lure men into relationships and would later kidnap them for ransom.

She was also said to have confessed to raping some of her victims as a result of her strong sexual appetite, especially after consuming some illicit drugs.

Arewa Live findings also gathered that Hauwa at one time or the other had kidnapped all her boyfriends, unknown to them that she was the mastermind of the crime. They would only be released after the payment of ransom to her accomplices.

The long arm of the law caught up with her recently in Abuja where she confessed to the police that she was in fact behind the kidnapping of her first boyfriend, who she confessed was rich and very caring. She stated further that when she realised that the man had several other girlfriends she decided to make money from him by kidnapping him.

Explaining how she managed to plan the kidnapping of her boyfriend, Arewa Live gathered that she lured him to one hotel where they both spent the night together. The man did not know that she had arranged for him to be kidnapped on their way out of the hotel.

“Unknown to him [her boyfriend], I have planned with other members (of my gang) how he would be kidnapped. After several negotiations, he paid two million naira and I collected two hundred thousand as my share.

“Even though he did not know I planned his kidnap, when he was released he still wanted us to continue with our relationship,” 
she confessed.

Hauwa, ArewaLive gathered,  also told the police that she organised the kidnapping of her second boyfriend, revealing that the man was kidnapped when he stopped by the roadside to buy something on his way to his house.

“He paid the sum of one million naira as ransom and I collected fifty thousand naira as my share,”
 she said.

Her third boyfriend, according to her ,was not rich like the others. He eventually paid N500,000 for his release. Despite the fact that the man was poor, according to Hauwa, she spent more time with him than the others.

Apart from her lovers, Arewa Live was informed that Hauwa also confessed to hatching the plan to kidnap her closet friend, Zainab. She told her interrogators that she was with Zainab on one occasion and overheard her talking over the phone that she would soon get a credit alert of N600,000.

“I thought that the best thing to do was to kidnap her and collect the money from her. Eventually, I kidnapped her,”
 she said.

But Zainab, her bosom friend, did not survive the ordeal. Due to inhuman treatment she was subjected to by her abductors, she sustained life-threatening injuries which eventually led to her death.

After Zainab’s death, Hauwa  was said to have gone into her friend’s room, took her ATM and withdrew all the money in her account. Not only that, she took her car, repainted it and later sold it, including almost every other thing her friend owned including personal effects like clothes.

Karma would catch up with Hauwa as she was eventually arrested by the Inspector General of Police Special Squad under the leadership of Deputy Commissioner of Police, Abba Kyari.

She is currently helping the police in its findings on several other kidnappings in different parts of the North.

Saturday, 15 February 2020

Heartbreaking Story Of Deaconess Who Was Beaten To Death By Her Husband Over S*x In Lagos

Heartbreaking Story Of Deaconess Who Was Beaten To Death By Her Husband Over S*x In Lagos

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A deaconess has ended up being tragically beaten to death by her own husband in the city of Lagos.

Esther Onyeme
File photo
According to a report by Punch Metro, the running battle between a couple in Ladi-Lak, Bariga area of Lagos State, has ended on a tragic note as the husband, John Onyeme, reportedly beat his wife to death.

It was learnt that the deceased, Esther Onyeme, was a deaconess and proprietress of a nursery and primary school in the community.

Neighbours said John always accused his wife of adultery and for starving him of sex which often triggered their disagreements.

It was gathered that the couple and their three children lived together on Ayorinde Street, Ladi-Lak, until about five months ago when Esther packed out in the heat of a fight and relocated to a church.

John reportedly went to the church on Friday, January 31, 2020, and beat her to a pulp.

She was said to have been admitted to a private hospital in the community where she died three days after.

A resident of Ayorinde Street, Tope Adeyemo, told  The Punch that the woman had on several occasions reported John at the Pedro Police Station covering the neighbourhood.

Adeyemo said, “He had been beating the woman for a long time and she reported him many times at the Pedro Police Station. The woman ran a private school in the community. She was responsible and industrious but the man thought she was fornicating around.

“She left him five months ago when his trouble became too much. They have three children together. The eldest among them is 16 years old. They are now in their village in the East. It is disheartening.”

A neighbour, who spoke on condition of anonymity, stated that he had repeatedly warned John to desist from beating his wife to no avail.

“He normally beat her at night. He would chase her around the passage with a knife. I begged him to stop beating her but he said I should not interfere in their matters gain. I told him he would kill her one day. That was sometime last year. No one here would say good thing about John.

“He even accused a chemist of sleeping with his wife. He does not take care of the children yet he didn’t allow the woman to have rest of mind. It was a painful exit because the woman was hard working. She was the one taking care of the family,”
 he said.

Another neighbour, who wanted to be identified as Bola, said Esther established the school located on Oyeyemi Street, Ladi-Lak, about five years ago, adding that it was unfortunate her life was cut short.

She said, “It is tragic. She should be in her mid-40s. Most times, the husband beat her for denying him sex. Which woman would allow an irresponsible man to be having sex with her? She left home about five months ago when she could no longer bear his trouble.

“Some family members begged her to come back because of the children and she did. The same day she returned home, the man beat her. That was when she packed out of the house. She was diligent. She founded the school about five years ago. She was even planning to establish another school.”

Academic activities were on when City Round visited the school on Wednesday.

The headteacher of the school, who declined to give her name, described Esther as a loving woman, adding that they struggled to run the school.

“With God on our side, we are trying our best to keep the school going. She was a kind woman. She took care of the pupils and teachers and carried everybody along. She was in school on Friday,”
 she added.

The Police Public Relations Officer in the state, DSP Bala Elkana, said the case had been transferred to the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, Yaba, for further investigation.

He said, “One Apostle Friday Ugorji reported at the police station that around 9am on July 31, one Esther Onyeme, a deaconess in his church, informed him that her estranged husband, one John Onyeme, beat her to the point of death. The pastor rushed her to hospital for treatment.

“Around 10.30am on February 3, she gave up the ghost. The corpse has been deposited at the Mainland General Hospital Mortuary for autopsy. The suspect is in police custody.”

NYSC Members Who Got Married In Khaki Uniforms Reveal Why They Rushed To Have Their Wedding

NYSC Members Who Got Married In Khaki Uniforms Reveal Why They Rushed To Have Their Wedding

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The two NYSC members who got married in their Khaki uniforms have revealed why they rushed to have the wedding.

NYSC couple
The couple
Two serving members of the National Youth Service Corps in Kano State, who met each other during the one-year programme, Muhammad Musa and Hauwa Bagudu, got married in their khaki uniforms last Friday at the Juma’at Mosque, Nigerian Air Force Base in the state. The couple tell TED ODOGWU how they got attracted to each other and why they could not wait to get married

You’re from Nasarawa State, what tribe are you?
Muhammad: I am Afo from Nasarawa Local Government Area, Nasarawa. I studied History at Nasarawa State University, where I earned BA degree. My elder brother earlier married from the Yoruba community. I am the second person within our family to marry outside my tribe.

How old are you?
Muhammad: I’m 28 years old. I did not plan to get married during my service year. It was God’s plan for us to get married.

You are from Niger State, what tribe are you?
Hauwa: I am Nupe; a proud one for that matter.

How did you meet Hauwa?
Muhammad: We met at NYSC kitchen when we were in camp. We just clicked when we first met; it was love at first sight! We were both struggling to be served lunch. But the moment I saw her, I fell in love with her. However, I did not realise that it would culminate into marriage so soon. It’s God’s work.

What really attracted you to her?
Muhammad: Her simplicity and beauty were the things that attracted me to her. Also, when we started the relationship, I discovered how kind and caring she is, and those are the attributes I have always wanted in any woman that will be my life partner.

What qualities of his attracted you to Muhammad?
Hauwa: He is religious, intelligent, simple, generous, wonderful and caring. He is simply the best (man) I have ever come across. I like him because he is amiable, caring and friendly. These attributes of his attracted me to him.

How did Muhammad Musa show interest in you?
Hauwa: It was an amazing moment. When we first met, we clicked on the spot. It was love at first sight. I did not accept (to date him) that same week; it was two weeks later that I accepted.

So you initially play hard to get…
Hauwa: Yes, of course. I did because as a woman, it is our pride to prove difficult before eventually succumbing (to propositions).

What made you to accept his proposal?
Hauwa: He is just too natural and real, that was why I accepted his proposal.

You met in camp and already getting married, why did you not wait till after service year?

Muhammad: Time, they say, is of essence, and marriage is an institution ordained by God, who is the owner of our lives. I rely on this to hasten the marriage, instead of waiting for the end of our service year. I felt if I waited much longer than now, I might change my mind and start a fresh relationship with someone else who may not be right for me. So, I hastened the marriage because I felt it was an opportunity I could not afford to miss.

How long was your courtship?
Muhammad: Our courtship lasted for 10 months.

Some people believe courtship should last longer than that, how would you react to that?
Muhammad: It’s not how long the courtship lasts that matters but how well it is. What is more important is to understand each other’s behaviour, rather than a long-term courtship to understand each other.

Why are you so sure she is the right one for you?
Muhammad: During our three-week orientation, I discovered she has good character, which she demonstrated during our courtship. I also investigated and discovered that she inherited her good character from her family; she has a good family background.

What are the other things you love about her?
Muhammad: I do not only love her, my passion for her developed further when I discovered she was religious, intelligent, simple, kind, hospitable, loving and caring. I was convinced that when we start having children, she will inculcate such attributes in our children.

When you told your parents that you planned to get married to a lady you met in camp, what were their reactions?
Muhammad: My parents’ reactions were not only positive; they were also supportive of the idea. They both agreed that as long as we love each other and agree to live together in peace and tolerate each other for the rest of our lives, they were in support.

How did you tell your parents you found the man you would marry in camp and would want to get married now?
Hauwa: It was an uphill task to speak out to my parents but I later summoned courage to inform them. I told them point blank that my feelings towards him were becoming too natural and real.

And how did they react?
Hauwa: My mum was so happy about it but my dad objected to it at first for reasons best known to him. Thank God, he later accepted so as not to hurt my feelings because he believes that my happiness should come first.

How do you plan to handle the financial responsibilities that come with marriage?
Muhammad: I’m an artisan, with specialty in tiling floors.

What are your plans to handle your financial responsibilities?
Hauwa: I am serving my nation for now as a youth corps member. At the end of my service year, I will grab any opportunity that comes my way, so as to reduce the burden on the shoulders of my husband.

Some people believe it is better for a couple to start working before getting married but both of you are still corps members…
Muhammad: We will continue to do our best and allow Almighty God to provide our daily bread and needs.

What made you trust him?
Hauwa: If you meet your Mr Right, you don’t need to be told. Aside from that, his simplicity and calmness made me to truly love him. He is simply the best for me.

Some people believe that courtship should be longer, how would you react to that?
Hauwa: It’s not how far but how well. All you need in courtship is not about the duration but how well you understand each other. We were friends for few days and when we became lovers, it became so overwhelming and amazing. Everything became so interesting as my world reached its destination.

Did you receive any support for the wedding?
Muhammad: Yes, especially from my family and friends. They rallied round to ensure the success of the wedding. The NYSC band graced the unique occasion, during which they played concordant tunes to add colour to the historic wedding. NYSC members and our parents also attended the occasion to demonstrate their support for the marriage.

Did NYSC sponsor the wedding?
Muhammad: NYSC did. The Kano State NYSC Coordinator, Ladan Baba, also attended the wedding, alongside our parents and family friends. They all contributed to the success of the wedding.

You said you’re the second person in your family to marry from another tribe, did you nurse any fear before the marriage?
Muhammad: I never did because we met while we were in camp and both realised on the spot that we were meant for each other. Based on this reality, I had no fear whatsoever.

Were you initially apprehensive about marrying someone from another tribe and state?
Hauwa: Not at all, I always stand for the unity of our country, Nigeria, before my friends.

Do you think your action will inspire a lot of people and probably encourage unity in the country?
Muhammad: My action will inspire more Nigerians to marry outside their states and tribes. Also, I am not the first from my family to marry from another tribe, so I have no fear at all.

I also believe that it will not only foster unity among us, it will encourage Nigerians to love and encourage one another.

Where do you plan to settle down?
Hauwa: Suleja in Niger State.
Source: Saturday Punch

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