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Davido Opens Up About His Life And Fiancee, Chioma, Reveals Which Country's 'Jollof Rice' Is Best (Video)

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Davido has opened up about his life and his fiancee, Chioma in a new interview as well as what country has the best jollof rice.

New York based radio station hot 97 recently had a chat with DMW label boss and superstar Davido and we’ve got everything you need right here.

OBO talked about growing up in Atlanta and how his music grew big in Africa, getting Chris Brown to be part of his ”Blow My Mind” single and plans to bring him to Nigeria in December. The singer further disclosed the big names to be featured on his forthcoming album which is billed to drop in October.

The BET award winner also discussed working with Drake will be a major collaboration he’s looking forward to in his career and his relationship with his fiancee Chioma and how she makes the best food in the world, was not left out too.

One shocking thing Davido revealed about which country makes the best jollof rice will make you cringe on your chair. So check on it!

Davido, in this interview on HOT 97 with Nessa where he spoke on growing up in Atlanta and Lagos, his collaboration with Chris Brown, upcoming album “A Good Time”, the correct way to pronounce his name, among other things.

He also talks about wanting to work with Drake, what happened when he brought Lil Baby to Nigeria, and which country has the best jollof rice.

How To Minimise Your Excessive Bank Charges

How To Minimise Your Excessive Bank Charges

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If you have become burned by so many fees your bank charges you, here are some suggestions to help you reduce them.


Nigerian banks are profitable entities, as evidenced by their annual financial statements and the performance of the banking index. However, one aspect of the banking industry in Nigeria many people dislike is the fact that the bank charges seem to be a lot and on the high side.

Usually, at the end of every month end, I receive four alerts (in quick succession) from my bank, all of which are bank charges. One of the charges is usually withholding tax, another about value-added tax. The other two would then be account maintenance charge and SMS charge. These charges would be sent to me in addition to the N2.50 and N50 value added tax and transfer commission I pay each time I transfer money to third parties in other banks. But that’s not all; I also get another alert for capitalised interest.

By the time I do the calculation, about 33% of the capitalized interest would have already been taken back by the bank in the form of various types of charges. If you then add the transaction by transaction transfer charges, the interest would almost zero.  I am sure that this happens to a whole lot of people. So, that got me thinking about how I can minimise the bank charges. Then I downloaded the CBN Guide to Bank Charges and what I found is food for thought which I have decided to share with all and sundry.

How to minimise bank charges

The starting point to minimising the bank charges you pay is to get familiar with what charges your bank can subject you to. Getting to know about such charges entails reading the CBN guide to bank charges or keeping it handy as reference material. Not only will it help you know about the fees, but it can also act as a veritable companion when trying to recoup unauthorized charges from your bank.

According to the Jews, every shekel, dime or kobo counts. So, if there are ways to reduce bank charges, take advantage of them as much as you can because, at the end of the period, such charges add up.  So here are a few ways to reduce such charges:

Minimise installment payment

One way to minimise the N50 per transfer charges is not to pay in installments. I know this may be difficult when contracting a project to someone. I have had to pay multiple transfer charges of N50 each because I had to pay by installments as the project progressed.
Deal more with people with the same Bank

Another way to avoid the transfer fee is by dealing with people that have the same bank as you. When you transfer from one account to another in the same bank, otherwise called intrabank transfer, you avoid payment of transfer fee and the value-added tax attached to it.

Select only the banking products that you need

Banks have many financial products on display and each has its own fee characteristic. Some of them bestow some status symbol but they come at a cost and if you are no ready to pay for that cost, do not opt for such a product. For example, an American Express Black Card is an invitation-only credit card used to proclaim status both in spending and creditworthiness. It is an elite card used by celebrities and the ultra-rich. It is a card made of anodized titanium but not everyone that receives the invitation buys into it.

If you do not travel or do not engage in regular foreign currency transactions, there is no need to get a foreign currency denominated credit or debit card where you pay $20 annually as maintenance fee only to show that you belong to the crème de la crème in the society.

Use Prepaid cards instead

The CBN guide indicates that there are no charges for loading and unloading a prepaid card. If that is the case and you can afford it, use prepaid cards rather than pay the N1,000 initial issuing price for a credit or debit card in addition to the renewal fee of N1,000

Restrict ATM use to your bank

Try as much as possible to restrict ATM withdrawals to your bank and use it in third-party banks only in emergencies. By so doing, you will save yourself the third-party charges. Per the CBN guide, On-us (withdrawal from issuing bank’s ATM) attract no charges, but Not on-us (withdrawal from other bank’s ATM) in Nigeria attracts a fee of N65 after the third withdrawal within the same month. You will save yourself the N65 if you restrict your ATM use to your bank.

Opt out of SMS Transaction Alert:

SMS transaction alerts on customer induced transactions attract a fee of N4.00 per alert and if you do volumes of transactions per month, that adds up to a lot. Although the alerts may help you keep a tab on fraudulent activities on your account, you will save a lot of money by opting out of SMS alerts. All it takes to opt out is completing an indemnity form that will free the bank from any liability should there be a fraud on your account.

Use Email Alert Instead:

Email alerts do the same thing that SMS alerts do, only that you only see them when and if you check your emails. The good news is that email alerts carry no charges. Therefore, use email alerts and form the habit of checking your emails frequently especially after initiating a banking transaction.

Avoid requesting for Statements of Account:

It is mandatory for your bank to send you your monthly statement of accounts free of charge, however, any special request for statements of account, attracts a fee of N20 per page. Depending on the number of pages, that too can add up. Instead, if you have online access to your account, you can always query for your transaction history by defining a starting and ending date, which is what the special statement request would do for you. By using online access to access your transaction history over a period of time, you can avoid the charges that come with a special request of statements.
Avoid Issuing Dud cheques:

In countries like America, it is a crime to issue dud checks. While it is not as much a crime in Nigeria, it attracts huge charge or penalty. Usually, the issuer is charged 1% of the amount on the dud check or N5,000 whichever is larger. This means that the minimum you will pay by issuing a dud check is N5,000 which can be avoided by avoiding such practice.

Use Software Token (OTP) instead of Hardware Token:

To consummate your online transactions, you require a token. Such tokens come in two forms- Hardware and Software tokens. Hardware tokens attract a cost recovery fee subject to a maximum charge of N4,000 but software tokens are free except where they are sent via an SMS in which case a fee of N4 per SMS will apply. In addition to the initial payment of N4,000 for a hardware token, they also cost additional N4,000 for replacements due to physical damage, loss or expiration.

Now, Do the Math:

The CBN Guide on Bank charges states the fee chargeable by banks for each activity or product but that does not guarantee that the banks will charge at that rate especially where the guide makes such charges either negotiable or as having maximums. For example, upon checking the CBN issued guide on bank charges, I noticed that section 3, states that account maintenance fee is negotiable but subject to a maximum of N1 per mille. Permille stands for the Latin word, per thousand. This, therefore, means that if you execute a transfer worth N100,000 within a month, you are required to pay an account maintenance fee of N100, so if you do the math and you find out that you are charged more than should be, then call your bank and find out why.

Stay Informed:

Try to be and remain informed about bank charges as they are subject to change by referring to the most current version of the CBN Guide on Bank Charges.

Two Killed, One Injured In Bauchi Auto Crash

Two Killed, One Injured In Bauchi Auto Crash

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Abubakar said that the driver and his two friends were drunk and were over-speeding when he lost control and the car somersaulted.

 Road accident
File Photo
Two people have been killed while one was injured in a fatal auto crash that occurred on Tuesday night along Bauchi – Dass road in Bauchi State.
The identity of the deceased was not yet known as at the time of filing this report.
The Head of Operations, Federal Road Safety Corps, Bauchi Sector Command, Deputy Corps Commander, Ibrahim Abubakar, confirmed the accident to newsmen in Bauchi.
Abubakar said that the driver and his two friends were drunk and were over-speeding when he lost control and the car somersaulted.
He said that car veered off the road and fell into a ditch leading to the death of the two people.
He said: “Yes, it is true that an accident occurred on Bauchi – Dass road on Tuesday night at about 9pm. It was a lone accident of a Peugeot 206 car with number plate AJG 248 AA, Blue in colour.

“The vehicle had three occupants and were heading to Bauchi from Dass when the accident happened. We suspect that they were driving under the influence of alcohol because we recovered a bottle of whisky in the car.

” The driver was over-speeding and he lost control as a result, he veered off the road and the car somersaulted and he fell into a ditch. ”
Abubakar said that two dead bodies were recovered in the early hours of Thursday morning and deposited at the mortuary at the ATBU Teaching Hospital.
He added that the third person who was unconscious was rushed to the same hospital for treatment.
The Head of Operations warned drivers to desist from driving while being drunk, stressing that: “I will like to warn the drivers to desist from drinking and driving especially during these ember months and they should be very careful on the roads.

“We have always cautioned them that if they must drink, they should not drive and if they must drive, they should not drink.”
He advised that: “Passengers should also watch out for the behaviour of drivers whenever they are travelling. If they observe that the driver is drunk or is about to take anything alcoholic, they should report him to the nearest security agencies.

” Our men are always vigilant and are always on the roads, they have all the equipment to test the drivers. So from the motor parks, we also call on the Unions there to take it as their responsibility to sensitize and warn their members not to drive under the influence of alcohol, otherwise when we arrest them, we will prosecute them.”

My Husband Was Killed But South African Police Closed The Case - Returnee Makes Shocking Claim (Video)

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A Nigerian woman who just returned from South Africa has revealed that her husband was killed in South Africa but the police closed the case.

Blessing Chioma
Blessing Chioma
Blessing Chioma, one of the Nigerians who returned from South Africa, has accused the South African police of inaction when her husband was killed.

Chioma said she returned to Nigeria so she could take care of her kids because living in South Africa became tough without her husband.

”I’m coming from South Africa, Johannesburg; I was married to a Nigerian, but South Africans killed him during the xenophobic attacks. I reported the case to the police, they know about it; they look for the guys, but you won’t know them because they come in groups, so nothing was done; the case is closed,”
 she said.

”Since then I’ve been coping with the children, but I returned them to Nigeria because I was no more meeting up in training them. So they’re here now in Nigeria; I came back to take care of them, but we came with nothing because they burnt our shops.”

Chioma’s husband was killed in 2012.

The first batch of 187 Nigerians from South Africa returned to the country last week.  The second batch of 314 returned on Wednesday.

Nigerians were forced to return to the country following the xenophobic attacks on foreign nationals in South Africa.
Watch the videos below:
Source: TheCable

Lukaku, Sanchez Involved In Inter Dressing Room Fight Over Conte's Instructions

Lukaku, Sanchez Involved In Inter Dressing Room Fight Over Conte's Instructions

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Lukaku is said to have criticized Brozovic's inability to follow manager Antonio Conte's tactics.

 Romelu Lukaku
Romelu Lukaku
Inter Milan striker, Romelu Lukaku and team-mate, Marcelo Brozovic, had to be separated by Alexis Sanchez, after a fight broke out in the dressing room, following their 1-1 draw against Slavia Prague, SportsMail reports.
The Serie A side needed a late goal to snatch a point, in their Champions League opener on Tuesday night.
Lukaku is said to have criticized Brozovic’s inability to follow manager Antonio Conte’s tactics, accusing the Croatian of losing possession too many occasions.
The conversation began in a calm manner, before tensions reached boiling point as the midfielder responded to the striker’s criticism, pointing out a missed opportunity in front of goal.
This will provide added motivation for arch-rivals AC Milan, ahead of this weekend’s Derby di Milano.
Inter have started their season unbeaten in Serie A, while Milan sit on seventh in the league after a mixed start.

Breaking News: Kidnapped Mother Of AIT Staff Regains Freedom

Breaking News: Kidnapped Mother Of AIT Staff Regains Freedom

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The kidnapped mother of an AIT staff has regained her freedom at last, it has been reported.

Nigerian police
Nigerian police
The abducted mother of Head of DAAR Communications Centre Jos, Plateau state, Mrs. Dinah Ayua, who was whisked away on Saturday in Zakibiam, Ukum local Government of Benue state, area has been freed.

The 67-year-old was abducted by gunmen in her Zakibiam residence located behind Ukum local government secretariat on Saturday at about 7pm.

She was blindfolded and forcefully taken away to unknown location in unmasked vehicle

The son informed our correspondent on phone that her mother was released on Wednesday night at Jootar village, along Zakibiam – Wukari federal highway, in Benue state.

He stated that he was contacted within 24 hours by her abductors who initially demanded for N10 million ransom.
Read Also: Three shot as police, vigilante clash in Onitsha

Ayua, a popular On Air personality and TV was a House of aspirant for Ukum Assembly constituency during the last elections.

His constituents have invited him to contest for the chairmanship of Ukum local Government in the November local government poll, which has been zoned to his ward.

He expressed joy over his mother’s released from the kidnappers but called on the state and federal government to save the people of Sankera geo political bloc from activities of hoodlums.

Insecurity in Sankera comprising Ukum, Logo and Katsina Ala local Government areas known for mass yam farming, has forced residents to relocate to safer zones.

Benue Police Command said it was investigating the matter.

Akon Signs Olamide Baddo To Konvict Music Worldwide

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It has been revealed that Nigerian superstar musician, Olamide has been signed by Akon.

Akon and Olamide 
Akon and Olamide
US Senegalese singer, Akon has revealed that he has signed Olamide to Konvict Music Worldwide.
The revelation was made during an interview on the Breakfast Club. According to him, they have already began working together.
Akon stated this after he revealed that Nigerian music artistes don’t honor record deals. According to him, what is done in Nigeria is just a gentleman’s agreement with no papers signed.
He also revealed that he once signed Wizkid and Davido, but due to the way Nigerian artiste honour deals, nothing much could be gotten out of their agreement.
The revelation by Akon is yet to be confirmed by Olamide who has his own record label named YBNL Records.
See video below:

Breaking News: Tunisia's Ex-President, Ben Ali Is Dead

Breaking News: Tunisia's Ex-President, Ben Ali Is Dead

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A former president of Tunisia, Ben Ali has died, a development which has plunged family and friends in grief.

Ben Ali
Ben Ali
The Guardian reports that Tunisia’s ousted autocrat Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali has died in exile in Saudi Arabia, days after a free presidential election in his homeland. His family lawyer confirmed this development.

“Ben Ali just died in Saudi Arabia,” the lawyer, Mounir Ben Salha, told Reuters by phone.

Ben Ali fled Tunisia in January 2011 as his compatriots rose up against his oppressive rule in a revolution that inspired other Arab Spring uprisings abroad and led to a democratic transition at home.

On Sunday, Tunisians voted in an election that featured candidates from across the political spectrum, sending two political outsiders through to a second round vote unthinkable during Ben Ali’s own era of power.

However, while they have enjoyed a much smoother march to democracy than citizens of the other Arab states that also rose up in 2011, many of them are economically worse off than they were under Ben Ali.

While almost all the candidates in Sunday’s election were vocal champions of the revolution, one of them, Abir Moussi, campaigned as a supporter of Ben Ali’s ousted government, receiving 4% of the votes.

Ekiti Governor, Fayemi Under Fire For Appointing Dismissed Judge As SIEC Head

Ekiti Governor, Fayemi Under Fire For Appointing Dismissed Judge As SIEC Head

TonyGists App 3 Out Now. Download from Play store Kayode Fayemi has been lambasted for appointing a dismissed Justice Jide Aladejana as the chairman of Ekiti State Independent Electoral Commission.

Govenror Kayode Fayemi
Governor Kayode Fayemi
The Governor of Ekiti State, Kayode Fayemi has been berated by the Peoples Democratic Party in the state for appointing a dismissed Justice Jide Aladejana as the chairman of Ekiti State Independent Electoral Commission, saying that the appointment has created a burden on the electoral body.
PDP said that the Governor’s action has shown that he has zero concern for morality in democratic tenet.
In a statement by the PDP Publicity Secretary, Mr Jackson Adebayo, the party queried how a dismissed judge in the state judiciary could be made to head a sensitive body that is saddled with the conduct of Local government elections in the mist of many qualified Ekiti sons and daughters.
The party reminded Governor Fayemi that all attempts by the dismissed judge to overturn his dismissal was overruled by court at different level hence he is not qualified to conduct elections for the Local government where people of integrity will contest.
PDP also pointed out that many of the members of the SIEC are card carrying members of the ruling All Progressives Congress, saying that on this basis Local government elections were stopped by court in the first term of Governor Fayemi when Mr Soji Oloketuyi membership of SIEC then was proved to be inappropriate because he is a card carrying member of the ruling party which he is till today and also member of the Electoral body.
PDP said that it’s unfortunately ridiculous that the Governor could assemble people who are constitutionally barred to conduct elections in the state, adding that he’s deliberately erecting wall of disruption in the way of the election so that he could continue to pocket the allocations to the council in absence of democratically elected officers.
According to the party, Fayemi has realized that with the participation of PDP in the election, his party’s popularity would be put to question hence his appointing people of constitutional burden in SIEC.
PDP challenge the governor to explain to the people of the State why he has appointed a dismissed judge and card carrying members of the APC as members of SIEC against the provision of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
“However, we want to assure him that PDP will go into the election with all seriousness unlike the coward party that decided to boycott the previous local government elections in the State.” 

Charly Boy Seen Playing With Tonto Dikeh's Backside(Photo+Video)

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Charly Boy and Tonto Dikeh seem to have a good chemistry as the duo were seen goofing around in public.

 Tonto Dikeh, Charly Boy
Tonto Dikeh and Charly Boy
It appears the Area Father of Nigeria, Charles Oputa is one of the admirers of the backside of Nolllywood actress, Tonto Dikeh as he was seen holding her waist like his life depended on it.
The 68-year-old was making jokes about the bum of the actress and she really found it funny.
Tonto Dikeh recently admitted to have doctored her bum to make it bigger. She has also done the same about her tummy, hips, face and breasts.
She has frequently advised her colleagues battling with weight problems to do the same.
Watch the funny video clip of Charly Boy and Tonto Dikeh below:

What The Sack of Oyo-Ita As Head Of Service Really Says About Buhari's Government - BMO

What The Sack of Oyo-Ita As Head Of Service Really Says About Buhari's Government - BMO

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The BMO has spoken about what the sacking of Winifred Oyo-Ita as the head of service really means.

Winifred Oyo-Ita
Winifred Oyo-Ita
The Muhammadu Buhari administration will not shy away from its total commitment to fighting corruption, and there will be no sacred cows in the course of the fight, a group campaigning for the administration said today.

According to the Buhari Media Organisation (BMO), the decision to relieve Winifred Oyo-Ita of her position as Head of Service (HoS) of the Federation is another proof that this government would not allow people with questions to answer to remain in office longer than necessary.

In a statement signed by its Chairman Niyi Akinsiju and Secretary Cassidy Madueke, BMO said that the action is bound to send clear signals to public office holders on consequences for misdemeanours under the watch of President Buhari.

“This is another sign of the President‘s zero-tolerance for acts such as that which Mrs Oyo-Ita is being investigated for by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

“Buhari has, on several occasions, maintained that the anti-corruption stance of his administration is non-negotiable and it is quite clear that he won’t tolerate any iota of verifiable scandal among key government officials.

“In this case, the anti-graft agency had been investigating Mrs Oyo-Ita over an alleged N3 billion contract scam, abuse of duty tour allowance, money laundering, among others, during her previous position of permanent secretary.

“So, like President Buhari did in the ‘grass cutting scandal’ when he sacked the former Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF) Babachir Lawal for allegedly defrauding the Federal government to the tune of five hundred million naira (N500m), he had no misgivings about sending Oyo-Ita on indefinite leave.

“It is also somewhat ironic that the former HoS was relieved of her job on the same day that the EFCC presented a key prosecution witness in continuation of the trial of the former SGF.

“All these are enough proof that the Buhari administration is not prepared to look the other way and ignore cases of financial misdemeanours against top government officials at the same time that some members of the previous administrations were standing trial”,
 it said.

BMO also said the delay in taking action on the former Head of Service even after news of the investigation broke, is a reflection of the painstaking way the administration conducts its activities.

“We have seen how opposition elements and their supporters push false narratives of an alleged bid by some unnamed Presidency officials to shield Babachir Lawal of prosecution, even after he was indicted by the House of Representatives.

“Yes, it indeed took time before President Buhari acted, but he left no doubt about his readiness to follow due process by first suspending Babachir Lawal on April 19 2017, before officially relieving him of all duties on October 30 2017, for misappropriating funds intended for alleviating the food crisis in Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps in North-East Nigeria.

“And in Oyo-Ita’s case, there were suggestions that she had turned in her resignation letter few weeks ago but the Presidency rejected it until now that unexpectedly a statement was issued announcing that she was proceeding on indefinite leave to allow for completion of investigations.

“This goes to show that President Buhari is prepared to give room for benefit of doubt and allow the law to take its full course.”

The Buhari group also assured Nigerians that the administration would ensure that the former Head of Service and others alleged to be involved have enough opportunity to clear their names if the EFCC considers it necessary to charge them to court.

General Overseer Impregnates 12-year-old Girl In Edo State (Photo)

General Overseer Impregnates 12-year-old Girl In Edo State (Photo)

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A pastor has eloped after putting a little 12-year-old girl in the family way in Edo state.

The pastor is still on the run
A man of God identified as Pastor Marvelous Odalo Eranto-Eranto is under fire after allegedly defiling and impregnating a girl, now confirmed to be 12-years old in Edo.
According to information revealed by Harrison Gwamnishu, the CEO of Behind Bar Initiative (BBI) the pastor's sister took the little girl to the hospital to abort it.
Read below:

"12-YEAR OLD CHILD DEFILED AND IMPREGNATED BY PASTOR MARVELOUS ODALO (A.K.A Eranto Eranto). The 12-year old victim was taken to the hospital for abortion by pastor's elder sister and she has since then been missing for the the past four days.

Pastor has been manifesting on her in secret after Church evening service.

Victim's parents are devastated and worried over their daughter's disappearance."
See the post below: 

US Senator Resigns After Arrest On Child Pornography Charges

US Senator Resigns After Arrest On Child Pornography Charges

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A Pennsylvania state senator resigned Wednesday, one day after he was charged with having child pornography on his iPhone.

Sen. Michael Folmer
Sen. Michael Folmer


Pennsylvania state Sen. Michael Folmer handed in his letter of resignation Wednesday amid allegations that police found child pornography on his phone, Senate leaders said.

"We are sickened and disturbed by the charges brought against Mike Folmer yesterday. We have reviewed the criminal complaint and spoke with Mike Folmer early this morning to insist on his resignation from the Senate," read a statement from Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati and Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman.

On Tuesday, Scarnati and Corman said they would immediately remove Folmer as chair of the state government committee.

Folmer's seat is now vacant. According to the state constitution, the Senate president must issue a writ for a special election to fill the seat.
CNN could not immediately reach Folmer for comment.

A preliminary hearing in his case is scheduled for September 26, according to the office of state Attorney General Josh Shapiro.

Investigators found child pornography on Folmer's phone while executing a search warrant at his Lebanon home, Shapiro's office said in a news release.

The probe was launched after a tip reported that Tumblr had discovered a user who uploaded an image of child pornography using the application. Further investigation led to Folmer's home, the statement said.

"This defendant serves as a state Senator and was entrusted to honor and represent his community in the Pennsylvania Capitol," Shapiro said in a statement.

Folmer was charged Tuesday with sexual abuse of children, possession of child pornography and criminal use of a communication facility.

"I will continue to say it -- no one is above the law, no matter what position of power they hold," Shapiro said. "I will continue to work to protect children and hold those who abuse them accountable."

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf called the Republican lawmaker's decision to step down "the right decision," spokesman J.J. Abbott said.

"We elect leaders to serve as a voice for those who do not have the ability to advocate for their own needs, demanding that they will protect our children, families, and communities," Wolf said in a statement released earlier Wednesday. "The charges against Senator Folmer are disgusting and beyond comprehension, and show he has taken advantage of the trust and privilege afforded by the people of Pennsylvania."

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Breaking News: Second Batch Of 319 Nigerians Depart South Africa

Breaking News: Second Batch Of 319 Nigerians Depart South Africa

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The second batch of 319 Nigerians have departed South Africa over the recent xenophobic attacks in that country.

Nigerians depart South Africa
File photo
According to Punch Metro, the second batch of Nigerians have departed the OR Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg, for the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos.

About 319 persons were evacuated by Air Peace at about 2:58p.m.

An official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Kimiebi Ebenfa, confirmed this to The PUNCH via a WhatsApp message on Wednesday.

He said, “We wish to inform you that the second batch of about 319 willing Nigerian returnees from South Africa has departed O. R. Tambo International Airport Johannesburg, South Africa, today at 14h58 local time.

“The returnees, who were airlifted by Air Peace Airline are expected to arrive Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos, today at about 18h58 local time.”

The first flight had brought back 187 Nigerians out of the 313 scheduled for the evacuation last Wednesday, following the xenophobic attacks against foreign nationals in SA.

The Consul-General, Nigerian High Commission in South Africa, Godwin Adama, had disclosed that the number of registered Nigerians had risen to 1,004, adding that the technical issues faced during the first evacuation were being addressed.

The PUNCH had reported that 817 Nigerians were awaiting evacuation.

2Baba Reveals Biggest Achievement, Speaks On Change Of Name

2Baba Reveals Biggest Achievement, Speaks On Change Of Name

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The legendary singer advised Nigerians and up and coming artistes to continue to work hard.

Nigerian music superstar, 2Baba, real name Innocent Ujah Idibia, has revealed his biggest achievement.
DAILY POST reports that he made the disclosure in a chat with newsmen in Lagos on Tuesday while speaking on his attainment of 20 years in the music industry.
Benue-born 2baba said: “My biggest achievement? Na my kids oo. They inspire and motivate me.”
Asked if he’ll announce a new stage name, Tuface as also called, responded: “I’m not changing. Maybe some other changes but not about my name.”
On possibility of Nigerians seeing Plantashun Boiz come together for the two-decade celebration, 2baba replied: “No reunion concert, it’s just going to be me on stage…being grateful.”
He advised Nigerians and up and coming artistes to continue to work hard.
“The Almighty, my family, my fans keep me going. My advice to everyone is: be responsible, keep your head up.”
2baba added that he has no plan of quitting music, saying: “This thing dey body, I can’t stop it.”
In his remarks, 2baba’s manager and Now Muzik CEO, Efe Omoregbe, explained: “What Tuface is celebrating is 20 years a King not 20 years on stage.

“20 years of marketing machine, good sound, direction, conscious music, dance music, consistency, opening doors, A-list international awards, selling out shows.

“He made many artistes who are now at the top believe that they could make it, including some that used to live outside Nigeria.

“He’s been involved in helping others grow, humanitarian works, success of elections, among others”, Omoregbe added.
However, 2baba used the media briefing to unveil the Next Up talent search winners.
They are Oche Peter, Apatira Taiwo, Okhiria Daabo Ayodele and Joseph Jonathan.

Please, End My Marriage Because My Husband Doesn't Pray - Wife Begs Court

Please, End My Marriage Because My Husband Doesn't Pray - Wife Begs Court

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A woman has dragged her husband to court praying for the dissolution of their marriage.

File photo
A housewife, Shamsiya Muhammad, on Wednesday begged a Sharia Court ll, sitting in Magajin Gari, Kaduna State to dissolve her marriage with Sani Adamu, over his refusal to pray.
The complainant, Muhammad, who resides at Tudun Wada, Kaduna, said that she cannot continue with Adamu, because he also does not care for her and always insults her parents whenever they have a misunderstanding, the News Agency of Nigeria reports.
“We got married six years ago and we have two children, he paid N40,000 as my bride price, I am willing to return his money and free myself from the union as Islam guides us,’’ she said.
The defendant, Adamu who also resides at Tudun Wada, Kaduna, denied insulting his wife’s parents and said that he prays five times daily. He also said that he loves his wife and prayed the court to give him more time to settle their differences.
Earlier, a witness, Malam Sulaiman Sabo, leader of Kaduna butchers, said that he had made several attempts to settle both parties so that their marriage can continue but to no avail.

“I have sat them down much time to settle them, at my presence they oblige and forgive each other and promise to live in peace. After every meeting with them, bad news follows on the same issues I tried to settle between them, all of them are my neighbors and Adamu’s father is a butcher under my leadership, I tried my best but it’s not working out,’’ Sabo said.
The Judge, Murtala Nasir, after listening to both parties and Sabo, adjourned the case to Sept. 30 for the complainant to bring the N40, 000 she received as bride price for judgment.
The case was adjourned four times at different sittings to enable Malam Sabo to intervene but the wife remained on her stands of seeking divorce. 

Lecture Hall Collapses In Delta State University Killing One

Lecture Hall Collapses In Delta State University Killing One

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Students, lecturers and other workers of the university were said to have ran for safety, a development that temporary halted academic activities on the campus.

A middle-aged construction worker died on Monday as a concrete slab from a lecture hall under construction collapsed at the Anwai campus of the Delta State University, Asaba.

The incident left three other persons with varying degrees of injury.

One of the workers was said to have stepped on a concrete slab that had not dried properly, leading to the collapse of the section of the hall on the deceased, who was scooping sand beneath.

The man died immediately as a result of the impact of the concrete slab falling on him.

Students, lecturers and other workers of the university were said to have ran for safety, a development that temporary halted academic activities on the campus.

The students of the university were said to be mobilising for a protest when they discovered that it was a building collapse, but were dissuaded by anti-riot policemen drafted to the campus to maintain law and order.

The Commissioner for Higher Education, Prof. Patrick Muoboghare, who visited the scene of the incident, lamented the death of the worker and the injury to the others.

According to Muoboghare, the family of the deceased has been contacted, while the injured ones have been rushed to hospital.

The commissioner explained that the workers were setting up a concrete slab and it had not dried when one of them mistakenly stepped on it while bearing a load.

Obasanjo's Son Olujonwo Reveals Why He Has Not Served His Wife Divorce Papers

Obasanjo's Son Olujonwo Reveals Why He Has Not Served His Wife Divorce Papers

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Olusegun Obasanjo's son, Olujonwo has spoken up about why he has been unable to serve his wife divorce papers.

Olujonwo Obasanjo
Olujonwo Obasanjo
Olujonwo Obasanjo, son of former President Olusegun Obasanjo on Wednesday told an Ikeja High Court that he has been unable to serve his estranged wife, Temitope, divorce papers, NAN reports.

Temitope nee Adebutu, is the daughter of popular Premier Lotto magnate, Kessington Adebutu alias “Baba Ijebu”.

The couple were, however absent in court, while there was also no legal representation for Temitope.

Olayinka Kujembola, Counsel to Olujonwo, informed the court that several fruitless efforts had been made to serve Temitope.

“We have made several attempts to serve her in Abeokuta, Ogun State, but failed.

“Even at her residence located within an Estate in Ikoyi, the court Sheriff complained that he was unable to effect service because of the tight security,”
Mr Kujembola said.

Justice Bisi Akinlade noted that proceedings in the divorce suit were always reported in the media and that efforts should be made to serve Temitope in Ogun where she works and resides.

“The issue between this couple is always reported in the papers.

“The respondent stays in Ogun State, why do you want me to grant an Order for substituted service for Lagos where she does not stay?

“I will adjourn this case to ensure that the bailiff serves her personally so that we can be sure that we have exhausted all options.

“This is a very simple matter; it is a very simple divorce. This case is adjourned till October 2 for hearing of pending applications,”
Akinlade said.

NAN reports that during proceedings of May 23, Olujonwo’s counsel, Omo Omofoma also told the court that Olujonwo had made several attempts to serve Temitope to no avail.

Justice Akinlade had noted during the proceedings that other means of service like an alternative address and courier service should be explored by the petitioner (Olujonwo).

NAN reports that Olujonwo and Temitope got married on May 11 and 13, 2017 in a grand wedding which attracted the ‘creme de la creme’ of the society. The marriage, however, came to a halt a few months later.

Weeks leading to the May 2017 wedding, Olujonwo’s mother, Taiwo Obasanjo had filed a suit at an Ikeja High Court seeking the postponement of the wedding of her son to Temitope.

According to her, she had received various warnings and prophecies from men of God that her son should not be involved in any elaborate celebration before his 34th birthday which was June 1, 2017.

Justice Lateefa Okunnu in a ruling on April 10, 2017 had dismissed the suit on the grounds that the court lacked jurisdiction to hear it because Olujonwo, then 33, was an adult.

Abuja Stolen Car Announcement - White Hilux Van with Reg Number LG 36 BLF

Abuja Stolen Car Announcement - White Hilux Van with Reg Number LG 36 BLF

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A public appeal has been made by the police concerning information to help recover a vehicle that was stolen in Abuja.

A white Toyota Hilux belonging to Honourable Unini Celestine, was yesterday stolen at Utako market.

The driver was said to have parked the Hilux and entered the market to buy something, only to return and realize that the vehicle has been moved.

The general public is hereby asked to report to the nearest police station if by chance anyone comes in contact with the said vehicle or call 08033383990.

Below are the particulars of the vehicle:

1). Toyota Hilux White.

2). The plate number is LG 36 BLF

3). VIO Registered no is ABJ778XD

4). Chasis is MROFX33GXE147032

5). Model 2014

Thanks for your co-co-operation!!

Actress Yvonne Nelson Reveals The Year She Lost Her Virginity

Actress Yvonne Nelson Reveals The Year She Lost Her Virginity

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Nollywood actress, Yvonne Nelson has revealed to her fans when she lost her virginity.

Yvonne Nelson
Beautiful actress, Yvonne Nelson has revealed that she lost her virginity not too long ago.
She made the revelation during a Question and Answer session with some fans on Twitter.
The Ghanaian actress revealed that she lost her virginity on February 14 (Valentine’s Day) 2017. Recall that she dated Nigerian singer, Iyanya in 2012.
Yvonne also disclosed that her type of man must be hardworking, funny, cute, honest and intelligent.
Also, Yvonne Nelson welcomed a baby girl with a British photographer, Jamie Roberts in 2017. She however confirmed months ago that they are no longer together.
Here are screenshots of the Twitter exchange below;

Zenith, GTBank, Access, UBA Generate N24.3bn From Account Maintenance Charges

Zenith, GTBank, Access, UBA Generate N24.3bn From Account Maintenance Charges

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The Senate had in 2018 called on the Central Bank of Nigeria to suspend the deduction of card maintenance fee.

Between January and June 2019 , four leading banks generated N 24 . 3bn from account maintenance charged on their customers’ accounts , investigation has shown .
This is an increase of about 19 .18 per cent from N 20.39 bn generated in the corresponding period in 2018 .
Some banks on monthly basis charge their customers N 50 with or without card while some deduct N 1,000 from each customer’ s account per annum for maintaining their savings accounts .
The Senate had in 2018 called on the Central Bank of Nigeria to suspend the deduction of card maintenance fee.
The upper legislative chamber also directed its banking committee to investigate the deduction in comparison with what obtained in other countries .
The earning of some banks in account maintenance charges may have been propelled by large customer base.
Two leading banks by profit , Zenith Bank Plc and GTBank , for instance , have over 8 .6 million and 16 million customers respectively.
Specifically, Zenith Bank recorded N 9. 57 bn from account maintenance fee in the first six months of 2019 . This reflects 10 . 76 per cent increase over N 8. 64 bn reported in the first six months of 2018 .
GTBank Group ’s audited report for the first six months of the year ; N 5 . 71 bn was generated for maintaining customers account in the first six months of the year , up from N 5 . 18 bn in the first six months of 2018 .
The merger between Access Bank Plc and Diamond Bank Plc aided 96 . 15 per cent increase on account maintenance fees of Access Bank , moving from N 3. 14 bn in the first six months of 2018 to N 6 .16 bn in the first six months of 2019 .
Access Bank in its audited result and accounts for the six months ended June 30 said account maintenances fees were fees charged on current account .
“ N 1 on every N 1 , 000 in respect of all induced debit transactions is charged on these accounts , ” Access Bank explained.
The bank noted that card maintenance fees were fees charged customers for maintaining their accounts .
“The fees are earned and recognised by the bank over the validity year of the card. The bank charged the customers for this service on a monthly basis , ” extract from the bank ’s audited six months result for the period ended June 30 to the Nigerian Stock Exchange explained.
The United Bank for Africa Plc, on the other hand , reported 16 . 3 per cent increase on account maintenance fees , N 3. 39 bn , in the first six months of the year , up from N 2 .9 bn in the first six months of 2018 .
The President of the Bank Customers Association of Nigeria, Dr Uju Ogubunka , explained that the guide to charges by Banks and Other Financial Institutions in Nigeria , 2017 made no provision for “ Account Maintenance Fee ” .
Ogubunka , a former Registrar and Chief Executive of the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria, added , that the CBN guideline , however , provided for ‘Current Account Maintenance Fee ’
He noted that the CBN guide prescribed that the rate chargeable by a bank for this fee was negotiable with a customer subject to a maximum of N 1.00 per mille” .
Ogubunka said, “Consequently, no bank is authorised to make this charge without first, negotiating with the customer and the agreed rate must not be more than N1.00 per mille .

“ How many customers know that they ought to negotiate with banks on this fee? How many cross -check and verify the type, amount and basis of charges entered into their accounts by their banks ? How many seek redress when necessary ?

“ Nevertheless, the Guide ’s provision, directly or indirectly, places the burden on the banks . It is their responsibility to call the attention of their customers for negotiation.”
He called on regulators and supervisors of banks in the country to investigate and confirm that banks are complying with regulatory provisions on account maintenance charges.
According to him , CBN needs to impose deterrent sanctions on any bank found , not just violating the regulations but more fundamentally , cheating customers as well as putting the reputation of banks and bankers in disrepute .
He asked bank customers to examine their accounts periodically , with a view to ensuring they were managed in accordance with the rules / regulations of banking operation in the country .

Female Pastor Buys Private Jet, Reveals Why She Bought The Expensive 'Machine' (Photos)

Female Pastor Buys Private Jet, Reveals Why She Bought The Expensive 'Machine' (Photos)

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A female preacher has given an explanation to why she doled out millions to acquire a private jet.

Rev. Lucy Natasha acquired the private jet 
Kenyan Preacher, Rev. Lucy Natasha, the founder and overseer of Prophetic Latter Glory Ministries International has revealed why she spent a huge sum of money to acquire a private jet for herself.
Revealing her reason, the Kenyan preacher told a local magazine that the Kingdom of God needs money and speed to reach the current generation. She also shared her belief of Jesus buying a private jet if he was still preaching in modern age.
Rev. Lucy also lashed out at those that make it a big deal when a pastor acquires a private jet but fail to do same when a politician tows same lane.

“I don’t know why people make it a big deal when a preacher gets a private jet and they don’t do the same when a politician does the same. The Kingdom of God needs money and speed if we are to reach out fully to this generation… I trust that if Jesus was preaching during these days, he would be using such facilities,” she said.
She also revealed that owning a private jet has given her an opportunity to preach in more than 50 countries.
It has been reported that she acquired the expensive jet in April.

Female Journalist Thrown Into Jail For Allegedly Taking Photos Of Taskforce Agents (Photo)

Female Journalist Thrown Into Jail For Allegedly Taking Photos Of Taskforce Agents (Photo)

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A journalist has been left to rot in jail after she was allegedly seen taking photos of taskforce agents.

A female journalist identified as Ekere based in Akwa Ibom state has reportedly been thrown into jail for allegedly taking photos of task force officials who raided a relaxation spot on Monday September 16th.
Ekere who covers the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly for The Post, a local newspaper in the state, was said to be walking past a popular recreational spot called Ibom Plaza, in Uyo, the state capital, when she saw officials of Akwa Ibom government task force raiding the spot.
Premiumtimes reports that she decided to take some snapshots of their operations when she was arrested.
“They were on illegal operation, obviously. So, they arrested her for taking the photos, pushed her into their vehicle, and then threw her into jail just like that. The task force is under the state government’s Environmental & Waste Management Agency headed by a man named Prince Ikim. The journalist was arrested on Monday around 12:30 p.m. and later remanded in the Uyo prisons the same day'' Ekere's boss, Gideon Ekere, said.
Ekere, wearing prisons uniform, was taken to a sanitation court on Tuesday morning September 17th. She was granted bail but was not released as the Magistrate left office without signing her bail agreement.

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