Wednesday 29 January 2020

"I Have A Good Fiancée But Kept Sleeping With My Neighbor. Now This Is Happening"

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A man's life is about to become a nightmare after making a most foolish decision that's about to cost him a good woman.
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About To Lose A Good Girl. Please Help!
This might turn out to be a lengthy read, please bear with me. The bashing and insults will be unnecessary as I have already told myself hurtful things a thousand times over.
So I am 29 and have a girlfriend who’s 25 we are both graduates; she’s a nurse and I am a practicing Engineer and we’ve been dating for 3+ years now and preparations are underway to tie the knot this year God willing. Something happened last year, she suggested I move to a bigger apartment so that we can start buying household items and everything necessary to start a home as we are looking to get married soon which we did; I got a bigger place, met her parents she met mine. In a nutshell everything seems to be going well, we even started a business together and set to take on the future together before the devil struck (I take blames for my actions as I am not overly religious)
Around June last year, I met a girl (very fine girl) in the new area I moved to, although I have been seeing the girl around but one day as I was driving in I saw her hiding somewhere close to my compound avoiding the rain with her friends so I took them in until the rain subsided we exchanged contacts and started texting on WhatsApp a few days later. And soon after we started having sex (protected sex), prior to that time I never cheated on my girlfriend.
The sex continued, up to 2 times a week sometimes 3 as it was relatively easy as she lived very close and my girlfriend only visits on the weekend and never sleeps out (she’s from a very good and wealthy family with proper moral upbringing). Most evenings when I return from work conji just do me one kind I don cross street other times she calls until we became comfortable having unprotected sex
So late October 2019, the new girl (I’ll call her Lola) texted me that’s she’s not feeling too well and I asked her to visit the hospital to run a test to know what to treat. She came back with a pregnancy test result proving she’s already 3 weeks pregnant, I was sure it was mine but I didn’t panic as she had a bf and I have my gf we were just for the sex at least that’s what we told each other.
So I asked her to remove the pregnancy, but got the shocker when she said she’s never going to remove the pregnancy that she’s 27 and have no desire to marry me or stay with me but she’s going to have the child. Omo my heart flipped. I begged her for like 3 weeks until she got mad and stopped taking my calls, she even moved away from her apartment. So I texted her and arranged a meeting, we sat down and discussed at length but she was still bent on keeping it, I got furious and told her I am not ready to be part of the child’s life if she’s going through with it as I see no reason why she wants to have my child when she knows we are NEVER going to be together, that was when she said she had already told her family that I am not interested in the child and they support her to keep it and let the child bear their family name. I discussed the matter with two friends a boy and a girl and the asked me to let her have the child first.
One month passed fast forward to early December, Lola called 6 times I was so shocked. I couldn’t take her calls. She texted that she’s ready to terminate the pregnancy since I am wicked and unconcerned she rained all manner of derogatory words but i was only concern with her decision to let go. I called and we agreed to meet the following day, I skipped work that day and met with her and her elder sister and elder sister’s friend. The sister and her friend were so mean but I was unmoved; I don already fuckup and ready to take anything to let it all go away because the knowledge of things will destroy my girlfriend.
So Lola entered my vehicle and we drove out, on our way to the hospital for her to terminate the pregnancy plus treatment she’ll take afterwards and for the damages i have caused her. She’s going to need 150k from me, i was furious and told her i don’t have that kind of money talk less of handing it over to her for something like this (i sure don’t know what i cost but i know it’s not up to 50k). She said if i don’t give her what she want she’s going to have the baby and that i should be thankful that she’s coming up with this that if she had listen to her friends advices she would have moved to my house with all sort of troubles (she was right) but i didn’t give in just yet. I dropped her off and ask her to have the child that am not going to give her the money as i don’t have it (I get the money sha).
So two days passed, she called again and after many arguments we agreed at 100k, made her to sign a NDA not to bother me again and all, I transferred her the 100k that night, she confirmed receipt and promised to go with it the following morning and that was the last I have heard or seen or her since then, until 3 weeks ago when another of her sister called from Canada and was asking if i am Me, that she’s been seeking my contact for a while now that Lola friend had to steal the number Lola’s phone and pass it to her as Lola has been hiding my phone number from the rest of the family and she doesn’t know the arrangement i have had with her but i should know that she’s having the child, she just thought i should know that i have a child somewhere when the baby eventually drops.
Knowing fully well that i am a shitty person to have done something terrible to myself and my girlfriend and all our future plans because of cheap sex, but I’ll be a more terribly bad person to have knowledge of a child somewhere and not be in his/her life. I called Lola but she didn’t take i texted her about her sisters call she called back to know who called and was furious, she ended the call (I guess to call her sister back) and called back again in about 20mins and asked me not to ever call her line again. I replied her text she should tell her family not call me as well. I have dodged to her apartment building a couple times but she’s not been around for weeks as i was made to believe.
So i bought a ring to engage my girl few weeks ago but had to hold first to see how things play out, i can’t go ahead and marry my girlfriend with this kind of secret untold; that will be wickedness from the pit of hell and i still don’t know how to break it to her, it will destroy her.
I jokingly painted a similar scenery to my girlfriend; her response was: she will not marry me because if she does she will kill me in my sleep. That everybody is expecting us to get married this year, she now have high respect from her family because of me and this kind of thing happens both of us will die. Omo fear catch me.
Fellow Nairalanders, this is my predicament please advice a stupid brother. Insults are welcome as I hope to pick a thing or two from your comments.

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