Thursday 30 January 2020

7 Years After, Davido's Paternity Scandal With An Ibadan Lady Resurfaces

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Recall that Sophia Momodu had earlier had a child, Imade, for him in 2015 as well. So when the alleged Ibadan baby mama's story broke, it became a hot gist.

Davido, Ibadan girl
Davido, Ayo Labinjo and baby Veronica
A paternity scandal involving top hip hop star David Adeleke popularly known as Davido and an Ibadan lady called Ayo Labinjo is rearing its head back into the public domain.
The said lady cried out of being abandoned by Davido after impregnating her sometimes in 2013 and later given birth to a baby girl. The story, like Davido's other baby mama scandals, was a well celebrated one back in 2017.
It was all over the social media and several other media platforms. It was indeed a mother of all scandals because about that time, Davido was expecting another child from his America based girlfriend, Mandy.
Recall that Sophia Momodu has earlier had a child, Imade, for him in 2015 as well. So when the alleged Ibadan baby mama's story broke, it became a hot gist.
But after all the accusations and counter accusations from both sides and the controversy that followed the purported DNA test later carried out and all that, everything died down.
Not untill now that the controversial blogger, Kemi Olunloyo is calling out Davido's family to either take full charge of responsibilities of their supposed daughter or be prepared for another round of DNA test. She claimed to be the one who has been cater for the little girl all these while.
Meanwhile, when the story first broke in 2017, this writer has an exclusive interview with Ayo alongside her mother, at their Ibadan home. It was indeed an explosive interview which was published in City People Magazine.
Below is the blow by blow accounts of what transpired between Davido and Ayotomide Labinjo and her mom.
Your family and that of David Adeleke recently got involved in a paternity problem. How did the whole thing happen and why did it take you that long to inform Davido about the pregnancy?
It wasn’t like it took us time to inform him. When I first got in touch with him he said I should keep the pregnancy, that I should give him time, as he is building his career but along the line he blocked me on BBM. And that was before I gave birth to the baby. Funny enough, on the day of the baby’s naming ceremony he added me up again.
What did you guys discuss that night?
I sent him pictures of the baby but he didn’t say anything about it. He is always ignoring questions. He was just asking how I was doing and the baby.
Did you get in touch with him before that day for him to give the baby names as the supposed father?
Like I said I was blocked from his BBM, which is the only means of communication between us so I didn’t have that opportunity to have asked him for names. But later he named the child Veronica and that is the name he has been calling her.
And anytime I try to ask for her upkeeps he blocks me off or gives stories. So I can say categorically and boldly that I have never received a dime from him nor his father. If he thinks otherwise he should come out with evidence.
So he has not been responsible for the upkeep of the baby? But you said he was the one who asked you to keep the baby?
He has never given me one naira. In fact, let me use this medium to ask him to what account has he paid into because he claimed in a newspaper interview that he has been giving my daughter some money. My mother has been the one taking the responsibilities on myself and baby Aanu.
And she is getting tired; you know what it means to raise two children as a widow and now a grandchild.
‘’Am not forcing my daughter on him or something, all I want is for him to take the necessary steps to come and take responsibilities on his daughter. All the letters I sent to his father are here (pointing to an envelope on the table) so that my daughter can move on with her life. She has to go back to school and I have been the one babysitting, providing for the family and the two of them. I am a widow for Christ sake.
What was David’s dad response when you first sent him the letter?
He didn’t respond at the initial stage and I knew what happened. Because the first letter my mum took to him was not well packaged. She went to see him on a Saturday during church service (he attends Seventh Day Adventist). But she was turned back at the gate since there wasn’t previous appointment.
They asked her to call his number and she didn’t have his number then. She later went to the church at the back of his office in Ikeja. They said he wasn’t there, so she had to drop the letter with the person that attended to her, to give to Elder Adeleke.
But maybe because the letter was given to him without an envelope, he taught it might just be one nonentity that brought the letter. The letter was written on July 12, 2014. We waited for a month; at least he must have been given the letter. Even if he was not in the country, the letter must have been passed across to him.
It was after then my mum went to my late dad’s friend, Chief Bamdele Aiku of blessed memory now. She explained everything that has happened to him, he now wrote Elder Adeleke on August 12, 2014.
What amazed me was that Davido’s dad saw the first letter because the letter Chief Aiku wrote him didn’t carry any number. For him to have now called my mum’s number on the first letter means he intentionally didn’t respond initially.
That was why when he called out of the blues that he was Elder Deji Adeleke, I never knew he is an Elder. I accused him of ignoring my letter; he said I should not be annoyed that he was just opening his mails and all that. He then warned me not to involve any lawyer that once I do that he would just hands off and I said okay.
I had to go back to Chief Aiku and brief him about the latest development then. Since all I wanted was for the issue to be resolved amicably, Baba said if that was all I wanted that he is in support. That we should allow them to carry out a DNA test but I should tell them to do all things with the fear of God.
When I told Elder Adeleke about what our lawyer just said, he said ‘’don’t I know them, that they have integrity and all that’’. He thereafter told me that he has paid for the test to be carried out in Lagos, on the three of them (Davido, Anu and her daughter. He asked for our address in Ibadan and I furnished him with the details. They sent driver to come and pick us in Ibadan, the driver’s name is Bashiru.
On getting to the hospital we started calling David’s number with no response. I later called the father after one hour we had waited for David and he told the driver to take us to his house since the house is not far from the hospital. We went there and we saw many boys inside the compound but there was this one of them (Shina, David’s first cousin) that was bold. He came to the car and asked of the baby, I showed him. He took her left foot and was checking it intimately. As he was going back inside, David too was coming out and I overheard him telling David that ‘’am not part of this’’. On getting back to the hospital, I noticed that all the boys we saw in the house came with David except Shina.
Meanwhile, when we first went to the hospital, before David”s arrival, the workers there had started attending to us asking about what we wanted. And there was this expression on their faces when I told them we came for a DNA test. I was so confused that I had to ask someone with me to go back outside and check the services listed on the signboard of the hospital. But there was nothing like DNA test stated there, I stayed put still.
To cut the long story short, they came in and went straight to the reception; they paid some money which I don’t know what it was meant for. Later, an Indian came to meet us and started asking for Ids, my own, the baby’s and the mother. I told him they didn’t tell us to bring any identification. He was like ‘’we can’t do anything, we can’t do this and that’’ Wale, David’s cousin had to call the father who requested to speak with the doctor in charge. They later agreed to carry out the test, I never knew what was discussed and I didn’t bother to find out. What we were there for was the test.
They asked us to fax the necessary documents to them the next day. My daughter, the baby and David were taken upstairs, but David and the doctor later went to another room, leaving Ayo at a lounge of the hospital. But when it was taking time for them to come and out of curiosity, my daughter entered the room. That was when she saw David and the doctor exchanging money. So she decided to stay to know what was going on.
She then called me to come upstairs and on getting there I met all of them. The acclaimed doctor introduced himself as Dr. Alex Sobola (whom we later found out to be a Lab Technician) and started blowing all the grammar, ‘’ we are going to take the blood samples bla bla’’. That was when I got totally confused because I have never heard they use blood for DNA test. I only know about hair and saliva, but since am not a doctor I kept quiet. They collected the baby’s specimen but not of the mother. I had to ask them why was that?, since Chief Adeleke said he paid for three of them.
To the best of my knowledge, I think you have to first of all know if the child is truly of my daughter, what if she just took any child to you as hers? They said it wasn’t necessary. We came back to Ibadan and the next day September 3rd my daughter faxed the Ids they requested for to them. It was the driver that came to drop us in Ibadan that we sent the baby’s birth certificate through.
They said we should expect result in three weeks’ time (10 working days). But I was shocked when on the 6th day Doctor Alex started calling me; I thought maybe there was something they needed us to submit again. But to my surprise, he was talking about the result being almost ready. I said no problem you gave us three weeks and this is just the 6th day, no cause for alarm. The seventh day he called again and started asking if I was coming to Lagos with the baby or not. I am sure they were doing that probably because they knew it was David’s dad that was supposed to come for the result. Because David has said that he was going on a tour.
I felt maybe they thought if Chief Adeleke should see the baby, he might relate something about her to their family. He almost killed me with calls about this issue of whether we were coming to Lagos with the baby or not. On the 8th day, the driver, Bashiru came to Ibadan and took me to Lagos. Surprisingly, Dr. brought an opened envelope with no address at the back as result of a DNA test that was sent to South Africa for clarifications.
The worst part was that he requested for some kind of payment before the result could be presented. And Chief Adeleke gave him a sum of Twenty thousand naira right in front of me. I have never seen something as shameful as that. As he brought it out he threw it in front of Chief Deji Adeleke, it was even him that corrected him that there were two families so he should open the result, tell us what is in it. After all the grammar, he said in a nut shell David is not the father. I looked him straight in the face and told him point black that the result was not for us. I now faced Chief Adeleke that ‘’you know that all expenses for the DNA test was paid by you, whenever I have my own money make David available’’.
He said it is not a matter of money that there is another lab. He then asked Bashiru, the driver, to take me to the place he uses to check his teeth. I said no, let your driver take me back to Ibadan but make David available when am ready to conduct the real DNA test.
(Ayo cuts in)
After a year or something he (David) re-added me on BBM and sent me messages. I told him I knew about the game they played on the DNA test that whenever my mum is ready they would be called for another test. ‘’He now asked if am sure if the baby is his? I said yes, 100 percent.’’ He requested for results of the DNA test, I sent it to him and went offline for like four days without any reply.
(Mrs. Labinjo continues…..)
Since then I have not heard anything from them again. So January this year I sent another letter to David’s father, explained everything and that they will hear from me soon to conduct another test. I waited for another three weeks, there was no reply. So I had to go back to the post office if the letter was delivered and they confirmed it was indeed delivered and received by one Mr. Wale.
With my little interactions with Elder Deji Adeleke I believe he is a gentle man so some people must have blocked the mail from getting to him because I added the baby’s picture and some other documents to the letter, which my daughter later accused David and probably the said Wale of.
(Ayo cuts in…) It was then he now asked what do I want? ‘’I said he should go and deliver the letter to his dad. He was like ‘’do you want to ruin my career?’’.
It is so unfortunate that my phone has crashed, I would have shown you our chats where he said ‘’I don’t know what to do to the situation on ground but everything will be fine soon’’.
So, is it not funny enough that he was discussing all that with me and denying everything in public? He calls the baby ‘Veronica’, I don’t know why.
After then, I warned him that if he was not going to do the right thing, I will cry out for people to know and help me. He said I should do whatever I feel like.
Did you guys talk before the naming ceremony of the baby and what did you tell him?
It was on the night of baby’s christening that he added me back on BBM. After the DNA, I got in touch with Wale, David’s brother but he said he and David are not from the same mother, that there is a limit to how he can mediate in the whole matter. But if David insists he’s not ready for another DNA they should provide one of the Adekeles offspring for the test.
The most shocking of the whole thing was when I contacted one of my area brothers who I will not want to mention his name here. He asked for the Doctor’s number and to our utmost surprise when he typed the number on Truecaller, it showed Wale Shobola with his picture and not Alex as the doctor earlier claimed. Tell me; is that not enough reason for one to doubt the whole process? It will also prompt one to ask if there something they are trying to hide?
As if that was not enough, the man called Dr. Alex trying to find out what happened between the Adeleke and the Labinjos that came for DNA test. He confided in the man that, ‘’it is strictly private and confidential. Come to Lagos lets drink over it, I have made my millions from the Adelekes’’.
He even asked for the man’s favourite drink and proposed to send his address so that they can hook up.
I advised the man to be very careful because these people are deadly with what I have seen so far.
What do you do?
I am into makeup.
The night you guys met did David approach you himself or he sent someone. How did it happen?.
No, he didn’t come in person. I was hanging out with my friends and we were sitting in this club, his body guard or some guy just came that his boss wanted to see me. I was wondering if it was the owner of the club or something. So on getting to the person I discovered it was David. We talked, he collected my pin and asked me to go back to my seat. So when they were about going, the same body guard came to tell me they were ready to go, that I should please come. My friends even wanted to follow me, but he said no he didn’t call them.
That night we slept at Genesis Hotel at Challenge. Then March again, he came for Gbenga Adeyinka’s show in Ibadan, after party was at GQ Lounge in Bodija. We slept at the Development Support Centre, Iyaganku.
And you slept with him on those two occasions without using condom, a stranger for that matter? Why did you do that?.
Yes, I told him and he said he doesn’t use condom. I asked him how sure he was that I don’t have a disease, he said he was so sure I don’t have a disease. And that he does tests every two weeks, a general test. That was what he told me.
Were you not afraid of being kidnapped or attacked? Is it because it was Davido, a star?.
Why I was not afraid is because the owner of the club actually knew I was going with him. So if anything happens to me he is going to get in touch with David. Not really because he is star, I just wanted to catch my fun.
What do you really want from the Adelekes? Because some people might feel you are trying to extort money from them since they are rich or something?
There is nothing like that. We are not trying to extort money from them because now he is saying he doesn’t know, he is not the owner of the child. Since he is denying let him come out for a proper DNA test, to be done in a General Hospital not in Private Hospital
He should just come out and take responsibility of his child. That is all we want from him.
If all these are settled, would you guys still be best of friends? Do you like him?
I liked him then because he talks, we gist a lot and he is a very jovial person. But now that he is trying to be naughty and very stupid. No, I can never have anything to do with such person again. He is a heartless person for him to have treated me this way. I don’t need him for anything; he should just be responsible for his daughter.
How sure are you that David is the father of your child?
‘’David Adeleke is 100% the father of my daughter. I am sure about that and I have told him same thing too because I had no boyfriend that time’’.

Credit: citypeoplemagazine  

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