Thursday 19 December 2019

Story Of Wife Who Enjoys Sleeping With Her Husband's Younger Brother

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The story of a cheating wife who is sleeping with her husband's younger brother has been told.

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File photo
The story of a cheating wife who is enjoying her romantic escapades with her husband's brother who lives in the same house with her has been told by a Nigerian woman, Portia Emilia Anthony.
Portia who revealed that the woman's husband is a banker and unaware of the incident stated that the cheating wife is now pregnant.
Read the story below: 
"See, if you must cheat, go outside the home.

Sometimes, away matches are better than home ones.

This lady has been doing her hubby's last brother who just finished his NYSC and instead of going to look out for his life, he's become a couch potato, scooping every juice from his big brother's bowl.

The story goes that, when her hubby leaves for his bank job early in the morning, junior brother would take over from where he stopped.

But, these bankers have really suffered o!

"Aunty Portia, everytime I'm in the room browsing, my brother -in-law would come in and would be chatting dirty with me in box as we are friends on instagram and he would be calling me on the phone from his room."

"He would tell me he wasn't full from the breakfast I gave him in the morning and that he's feeling horny and would want to ride into her honey pot."

I asked what "honey pot" is.

"Aunty you should know na!" She said as if it's funny.

I don old, I noh sabi!
πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚.

She said the pressure had been too much and she also likes his strong looking body as he's always walking about shirtless at home.

His biceps and six pacts are a turn on, the docile babe said.

Finally, she gave in after much pressure.

He asked her to undress totally and lie on the bare floor waiting as it's normally better on the floor.

And for him since he has not done it for a while that doing it on the bed may be suspicious because his scrotum was full and what may come out may be enough to wash the bed sheet. Hmm!

She found herself obeying his command without probing his intentions.

The corper jobless boy f.... Ked her like she'd never been done by any man earth before.

That his "cum" is hot like hot water and she screamed out so loud once that the neighbor coming to fetch water from behind the back of the house heard her and asked if she was okay. Chai!

The issue now is, jobless, lazy youth, who should be out there looking for a job is now addicted to pouring hot "cum" inside her and she's also addicted to being rode on from the back and the boy's energy is out of this world. She sheepishly and shamelessly narrated this to me.

Hubby hardly has the energy to go first round successfully, let alone second, but lover boy could go on and on.

Me... Poor Hubby has enough on his plate, pressure from work, long hours to bring in the cash to feed you and his idiotic brother has taken its toll on him.

She quickly interjected before I could land, he's not idiotic o! Hmm!

Me... Oh! Sorry please.

He's a champion lover, I almost forgot.

Now, she's pregnant and she believes it's corper boy's sperm that did the magic as what he normally spurts out is plenty and thick.

Hear the ifu idat. Smh!

I told her it's not the volume or the thickness but the quality and she argued.

What do I know sef?

Last week, she had to perform her wifely duty and lover boy heard the commotion and was peeping through the key hole on the door to see what big brother was doing to her and how he does it.

Since then, boy has threatened to move out of the house and won't even touch her again and her body with the wild baby hormones running up and down are screaming for a "hot cum." Chai!

On their way to Church on Sunday, hubby was displaying those niceties that husbands do when they want to be good husbands or show kid brother a United front with wife.

She said, lover boy started forming stomach ache and hubby had to turned back to go and drop him at home.

But, can you even imagine this jobless and good for nothing but "hot cum" boy?

She's really worried as she doesn't want him to move out of the house, she's in love with him.

Hear her.... "If he moves out that means my marriage is finished, I can't afford not to have him in my life."

Me... So, he won't marry and get on with his own life?

"If I can allow him in my marriage, he must also allow me in his." Hmm!

"If not that he has no job, I would have left my husband for him right away." She said like she meant it.

See how folks complicate their lives and tomorrow they blame their village people.

The world somehow and her children have totally missed it.

I am tayad!"

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