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MFM August 2019 PMCH | Invading The Ware House of Darkness

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The Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministry Power Must Change Hands Monthly Program, August Edition is tagged  (1st born deliverance and dealing with marital delay)
While ministring during the August 2019 edition of The Mountain of fire and miracles ministries power must change hands program, he spoke about what warehouse is, what the kingdom of Darkness does to people and how the kingdom of Darkness put people in their warehouse.
Read sermon and Prayer points below:

What is a warehouse?
A warehouse is a building for storing things but what people don’t recognize is that there is warehouse in the spirit realm. I’m not asking you to believe me, I know what I’m saying.
There are actually two kinds of warehouse in the spirit realm:
1. Isaiah 42:7; warehouse used for storing human beings in the spirit realm. There is a warehouse in the spirit realm where human beings are kept.
2. The second warehouse stores blessings. In Mark 3:27. This is where serious prayer is needed. 

There are three heavens:
- The first one you see is called the starring place.
- The second heaven is the headquarters of the devil.
- The third heaven is the heaven of heavens which is called the paradise of God.
The most wicked men are men who consult the second heavens.
So there is the first heaven, the second heaven and the third one.
The book of Daniel Chapter 10 opens our eyes a lot about these things and that book is very deep. Daniel started praying and fasting, he wanted to do it for three weeks. God supplied the answers to Daniels’ prayer from day one, the answer suppose to come down from the heaven of heavens through the second heavens. The satanic headquarters in the second heavens prevented the prayers from coming down. One of God’s chief angels had to come to the aid of the angel that was tamed in the second heaven and battles began there for three weeks. Not all angels are arch angels. There are warrior angels, worship angels and messenger angers e.t.c. A military angel had to come down to enable the answers of Daniels prayer to come down from the second heavens and this is why prayer is hard work.
Your prayers must be sharp to go up to the heavens. Your prayers must be violent to penetrate the second heaven. The powers of the second heavens can return your prayer to your heart. Imagine the battle in the heavens for three weeks. Heavenly battle will always preceded earthly victory. Daniels continous battle was enforcing the hand of heavens, if he had kept quiet, then the answers to his prayers will not come.
What determines quick answers to your prayers:
1. You purity and how violent your prayer is.
2. Whether the enemy has a foot hold in your life.

Prayers For the First Born, Marital Delay victims  by Dr D.K Olukoya
1. I remove my name from the book of ‘born for nothing’ in the name of Jesus! (1st born prayers)
2. Serpents of darkness blocking my marital testimony, die in the name of Jesus! (For singles).
3. Powers assigned to steal my star, die by fire in the name of Jesus! (Category of neither 1st born nor marital delay).
4. Powers that want my destiny to have no voice, die in the name of Jesus! (Category for 1st born prayers).
5. Powers to make me marry my enemies, you’re a liar: die in the name of name of Jesus! (Category for those experiencing marital delay).
6. Weapons of wicked elders against my life, backfire in the name of Jesus! (Category for neither 1st born nor marital delay).
7. I recover every good thing I have lost as a first born in the name of Jesus! (Category for 1st born prayers).
8. Power of marital delay, your time is up, die in the name of Jesus! (Category for those experiencing Marital delay).
9. Every battle assigned to embarrass me, die in the name of Jesus (Category of neither 1st born nor marital delay).
10. Battles surrounding my life with reproach, scatter in the name of Jesus (1st borns)
11. Power of inherited marital problems, die in the name of Jesus. (Category for Marital delay)
12. Any power assigned to write the last chapter of my life for evil, die in the name of Jesus! (Other category)
13. I shall laugh last over all my enemies by the power in the blood of Jesus!

General Prayer points by Dr D.K Olukoya
1. Warehouse of darkness, release my blessings by fire in the name of Jesus!
2. My testimonies shall be great, my testimonies shall kill my enemies in the name of Jesus!
3. Wicked powers waiting to celebrate my defeat, die in the name of Jesus!
4. Every satanic market offering me for sale, catch fire in the name of Jesus!
5. Pray this prayer three hot times: Powers adding problems to my problems, enough is enough, die in the name of Jesus!
6. Every seed of infirmity in my body, what are you waiting for: die in the name of Jesus!
7. Battles assigned to swallow my testimonies, your time is up: die in the name of Jesus!
8. Wicked bullet flying at night against me, backfire in the name of Jesus!
9. Difficult battles, difficult enemies, be wasted today in the name of Jesus.
10. Power of strange disappointment, I’m not your candidate: die in the name of Jesus.

1. MFM convention IS on the 24th and the 25th of August 2019. There is going to be three Manna water sessions and on Sunday the 25th, there will be a thanksgiving service. There shall be buses available to convey anyone attending.
2. Next PMCH ( September 2019), is specially for those believing God for the fruit of the womb and they must come with water and faith material. And also for those experiencing marital delay.

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