Sunday 18 December 2016

Erotic Story: The House Girl's Request - A S*xual Experience of a Maid and a Gateman

A sizzling tale of s*xual experience by a housemaid and a gateman well narrated to entertain and satisfy. (This article is rated 18+)
Inset photo: Bria Myles - a pornstar (Used for illustrative purposes only)
My name is Charity, and this is my story.
Abu lived at the Boys Quarters of the house where I work as a maid. He was the gate man and he was very rude.
We fought almost every day because he almost always made rude comments whenever our paths crossed. He would make fun of my hair or my clothes. He sometimes even called me ugly.
I had no idea why he was this way so I had taken to ignoring him whenever he spoke. It was not like our paths crossed very often so this was not that hard to do.
One night, as I was taking out the trash, I had a weird sound coming from the BQ. It sounded like a woman's voice. I wondered if Abu had a girl over.
I slowly and quietly made my way to the BQ only to realise that Abu was having s*x with a woman. I could not clearly see who she was, but the way she moaned like a woman insane, I knew she was enjoying whatever was being done to her.
She would moan hard and cry out. She would beg Abu to f*ck her with his big, sweet dick and she sounded like that dick was driving her out of her mind.
She was panting and moaning and screaming and begging. Sometimes, her voice got so high pitched and loud that I was a bit worried for her, but at the same time, I was envious.
I stayed rooted to that spot for almost 30 minutes while they made love, then left.
In bed, later that night, I could not sleep. I was obsessed with thoughts of how great Abu must be for him to drive a woman that crazy for him.
I tossed and turned and imagined how they must be f*cking. At one point, I even tried to masturbate, but I gave up because the excitement I was feeling could not be solved with just my finger.
The next night, I took out the trash again and took a detour to the BQ. Again, I heard moaning, but this time around, he sounded like he was alone.
I tiptoed to the nearest window and tried to get the best view of inside. I saw Abu sitting on his bed. He was n*ked and stroking his own dick.
I was so surprised that his libido was so high that he was up and ready to masturbate after having crazy s*x the night before.
I was even more amazed at the sight of his dick. It was long and thick and hard. I bit my lips as I watched him moan and stroke himself harder. Soon, he started to stroke that hard cock with more vigour.
I bit back a moan as I watched that dick grow so big and throb like it was about to explode. And sure enough, a few seconds later, cum and lots of it were splattered everywhere.
I swallowed as I imagined all that dick in me and all that cum in my pussy. It was with shaky legs that I walked back to my room that night.
After spending another night fighting the memories and trying to get his dick out of my head, I knew it was fruitless. I had not had sex in so long, and I have never even had a dick that big. My mouth still watered thinking about it. What was I going to do?
That night, before doing the trash run, I made sure I was showered and wore a clean dress as I had decided to make a move on Abu. I did not care how rude he was, I just wanted him to f*ck me silly. I wore no underwear and I chose a white dress that was see-through.
I knocked nervously on his door. He opened and looked like he was expecting me. He asked me to come in. I was curious as to why he was not surprised to see me.
He said, "did you think I did not notice you watching the past two nights? I was expecting you."
I was at least glad that he knew what I wanted and we can get down to business. He asked me to take off my dress and lie down. I did. He then came to kneel between my head and bury his head in my p*ssy
As soon as his mouth made contact, I gave a slight shudder. Abu began to tongue my p*ssy and suck on my clit. At some point, he slipped a finger in and tickled my clit while he continued to f*ck me with is tongue.
I grabbed the sheets, curled my legs and moaned, out loud. He did not relent on what he was doing. My legs started to shiver as I felt my orgasm coming. In no time, I was cumming straight into his mouth.
Even after he licked all of my cum, he still did not stop. He continued to eat me and I started to plead with him to slow down, as the pleasure was driving me crazy. I started to say things I do not even remember as he made me cum again. And again, he did not stop.
He used his hand and fingers to open my p*ssy and flicked my clit non-stop as his mouth kept on going. I was begging now. I was so horny and going mad with desire. I wanted his hardness but the feel of his mouth down there was so good.
I did not even know what I was begging for. My body was buzzing like crazy and my p*ssy was throbbing so hard.
As soon as he released me, I felt the cool air on my body as he stood up to get n*ked. He then came back to me. He lifted both my legs in the air, held me by the ankles then entered me.
My p*ssy was already dripping wet and I expected his dick to slide in effortlessly, but it was so big and thick that it took some pushing to get in. I cried out loud as I welcomed the friction. He slid in my p*ssy then slid out, almost completely.
He then entered my already closing p*ssy again and I gave another loud moan. He slid in and out, slowly, and painfully because all I wanted at this time was for him to f*ck me hard.
I began to beg him to, but he shook his head. He seemed to enjoy the teasing. I closed my eyes grabbed my boobs urgently and hope he stops this game soon. There were tears of pleasure and need in my eyes when I opened them again to plead with him to f*ck me hard, the way I needed. My p*ssy was wet and my body was ready. He looked at me then entered me, deep, this time, appeasing that ball of desire deep in my belly.
He withdrew again and I expected another painfully slow thrust when he entered me hard, so hard that my back arched and I screamed out loud. He began to f*ck me in earnest.
Because I had to wait so long for it, the pleasure was so intense that I was thrashing around as he f*cked. He f*cked me with wild abandon as if to tell me I deserved this for begging. I welcomed him, I begged for more.
I was moaning and screaming and begging while he steadily gave me his dick, again and again, harder and harder. He grabbed my legs and spread them even further apart as he leaned in and gave me deep, hard, thrusts back to back.
This was the sweetest I had ever been f*cked in my life, and I told him that. I begged him shamelessly to keep f*cking me because he was so good. I would never have enough of his big dick, I said.
He groaned as he kept entering me, sweat running down his body so sexily. I could not keep my eyes off him as his muscles tautened the more he f*cked me. He started breathing heavily and started to move with more urgency until he came in my pussy.
I felt like I was going to pass out from being f*cked so sweetly. He came to lie beside me on the bed.
“Thank you," I said. He nodded and fell asleep in minutes. I got up soon after, got dressed and left.
Credits: Hot Pulse

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