Sunday 18 September 2016

Ladies, These are 10 Tips How to Get Rid of a Guy in 10 Days (Don't Try These if You Love Him)

Sometimes you can get involved with a guy and lose interest in him almost immediately. These are certain ways you can get rid of him fast.
If you want to get rid of a guy, but just don’t have the heart to tell him straight, then you could try dropping some hints or behaving badly for a while.
No guarantee that it will work though, because some guys just don’t know how to take a hint; but if you are determined to avoid the awkwardness of a breakup speech, then read these ten sure ways to get a guy off your back, or if you like a man, please, avoid these mistakes:
1. Point out the error of his ways
You can start your campaign by pointing out all the little things that he does wrong. When he’s spent all day cleaning the home for you, you can have a field day, pointing out all the bits that he missed and things put away in the wrong cupboards. Even better, do the whole thing again, so he knows that his efforts weren’t good enough. It sounds cruel, but hey, you’re saving him the pain of being dumped!
2. Stop making him a priority
They say that communication is a key to a successful relationship, so let’s start to make communication difficult. Be busy, if he phones you at work and forget to answer text messages and voicemails from him. He should start to begin to wonder if he is important to you at all.
3. Suggest that he could lose a few pounds
Drop a few hints about his appearance. You could suggest that he have the salad, when you eat out, or just mention, in passing, if he ever considered working out. You don’t have to be blunt and rude, just plant that seed of doubt in his mind.
4. Run him down in public
Men have absolutely huge egos, so you if you start to embarrass him in public then that’s going to hurt! Make sure everyone knows when he does something wrong or makes a mistake, and make sure that he knows that everybody knows too!
5. Stop him from going out with the guys
Tell him that you want him to stop going out so often with his friends. The first time, he won’t bat an eyelid, the second time he will quietly sulk and by the third time, he should be getting really angry! Make him sit in and watch a romantic comedy with you instead, that should get his boredom levels high enough to start thinking about moving on. 
6. Develop a migraine problem
Withdrawing bedroom privileges will get to him fast. ‘Not tonight, I have a headache’…it might be an old one, but it always works.
7. Spend more time with other people
Spend more time with other people and make sure he knows how much fun you’re having. Stay late for drinks after work, go out and see your friends more often or go and visit family members, on your own. Whatever you do, just do it without him and leave him at home wondering what’s going on!
8. Talk about other guys
Start talking about how hot other guys are and that should bring home that he’s not the only guy in town for you. Not just movie stars, though, make it really sting by talking about some of his friends and then ask him to tell you more about them.
9. Let him know what you don’t like about him
Make sure that he knows that he is far from perfect. Tell him his favourite shirt looks too young for him or you’ve never really liked that aftershave that he wears. Just, pick, pick, pick and you’ll wear him down eventually.
10. Turn the cold shoulder on him
Withdraw all signs of physical affection, all the way from a kiss on the cheek upwards. Replace it with more condescending gestures, like a pat on the back or a ruffling of the hair and be more like a friend than a lover. That way you can gently let him know that he’s been demoted from partner status to ‘just good friends’.
So, ladies, now you know what NOT to do, if you really love your man and if you desire to keep him.
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