Wednesday 17 August 2016

Listen Guys, 10 Signs She is Dating You for Money...Take No 3 & 7 Very Seriously

This is very important for every man or woman in a relationship. This is the easiest way to know if the man or woman is after your money in a relationship.
If you can spot a difference between her happiest moments and her normal moments then you can definitely tell if she is into you or your wallet. But these ladies can be cunning at times, they can fake their feelings, but if you look beneath the surface then you would know with ease. Is she happy when she’s with you or is she happier when you are taking her shopping? Does she love to spend time with you? By spending time, I don’t mean the usual one or two hours; if she likes YOU for YOU, she would spend loads of her time with YOU. And when I say with YOU, I mean with YOU; not in the shopping mall, not buying jewelleries but with YOU. If you can be able to tell that which makes her happy, then you would most definitely know the lady that’s in love with you or with your wallet.
Yea, you heard me right; remember I told you, you should be ready to take some extreme measures, now this is one of them. Come home one day and tell her things have turned bad in your office or your business. A lady that loves you would still be with you but the one in love with your wallet would bail out on you after a while; that’s if she notices that nothing is coming out of your pocket anymore. A lady after your money wouldn’t have much patience but the one that really wants to be with you wouldn’t mind, she would even want to help in the best possible way, she would proffer solutions and do anything to make you stand on your feet again.
A lady that doesn’t really have much feelings for you wouldn’t mind you spending everything you have on her but the one that loves you and wants a future with you would warn you on how  you spend. She wouldn’t even mind that you are spending it on her, she would warn you not to; if you are excessively luxurious, she would try to calm you down. She would prefer you spend on other meaningful things as well; and she would never want her or people thinking she only cares about your money. But the lady that’s in for the money wouldn’t care what other people think.
A lady that wants a future with you would encourage you to go into meaningful investments; she would always want to know how well your business is doing or how well you are doing in your place of work. A lady that loves the money would also want you to invest your money, but she would want you to invest it all on her. She doesn’t care but she tries her best to pretend she does. A lady that loves you would want you planning for the future; how you spend your money on important things matters a lot to her but definitely not the gold digger– it’s always all about her.
What she mostly tells you is very important; you really need to have a listening ear which most men don’t have. If she mostly tells you of her plans; then that’s a genuine lady; she has a plan, a goal, ambitions and dreams, she wants to make things happen in her life. But if she constantly complains only about her problems; run Mr run, run as fast as you can and make sure she doesn’t run with you else she would most definitely run you down.
I heard someone shout ‘’are you crazy?’’ No I’m not crazy. It’s better to spot a girl who loves only your money on time than give her your heart and later regret it; by then it would be too late. If you give a decent girl that’s into you your credit card, she would be scared to spend much but if she’s the one that’s loves you for the money, then she wouldn’t mind taking a little more. A lady that loves you would be careful in the way she uses your money because she has a good heart and good intention towards you but the one that doesn’t love you wouldn’t be scared to satisfy her thirst with your money. But please brothers, before you do this it’s very important you heed to this warning; HOLD YOUR PHONE IN YOUR HANDS AND BE READY TO CALL YOUR BANKER JUST INCASE THINGS GET OUT OF HAND. Women can be dangerous.
There is one funny trend I’ve noticed in ladies; if they don’t like you, they wouldn’t mind their friends lavishing your money as well; your cash becomes their ATM. But if she’s into you, she would frown at your spending excessively on her friends, she would draw a boundary on what you give to her friends and she would get jealous if you are over-doing it. But a lady that loves your money wouldn’t mind at all as far as you keep giving her a larger percentage than her friends then it is well with you.
Ask her for money, yes do it; her reaction when you do this would most definitely pass a message. If she whole heartedly gives you the money, then you got a lady that loves you. But if she frowns and complains at your wish, then you need to be careful. A lady that loves you wouldn’t mind giving you all she got but the one that doesn’t would even baulk at you taking her pin. A lady that doesn’t love you is only interested in taking and not giving. If she loves you she would even buy you gifts too but the one that needs the money wouldn’t deem it fit to spend the little she has.
This tip shouldn’t bring controversy if a lady is in love with you. It most definitely would if the lady loves money; that’s exactly what she needs, so she has every right to be angry when you don’t do this. The lady that doesn’t love you wouldn’t mind leaving you if you slow down on giving her money; her money (which surprisingly is your money) is very important to her. A lady that loves you might not even notice that you have slowed down on your giving her money. More importantly, a lady that complains when you give her money that’s little is one you should avoid.

A lady that lacks ambition is a very risky lady; risky in the sense that her ambition is your wallet and bank account. A lady that has career ambitions would most definitely be interested in her career and would be less interested in taking from a man, even still, she would value her prestige and work hard for herself. But a lady with gold digging ambitions has no ambition of such; her major ambition is finding a man that can provide all she wants.
These tips are practical and would fish out MOST LADIES that are only in for the cash. If you notice, ‘most ladies’ was written in block letters, meaning some ladies are actually deceptive and would break some of these traps; you ought to be careful. It is ultimate for every guy to find a lady that would date them for who they really are not for what they have.
Source: El Crema

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