Monday 15 August 2016

9 Types Of Kisses And Their Meaning

Kiss is a way of communication between the two loving hearts. It is not only a sensual and powerful means to express affection, but also the way to send a message to your loved one. vAjCex7vWlK9L72JuhCrN9qw
Your Tango shares the secret message contained in 9 types of kisses. See them all below.

1. Peck. A teasing quick lip-on-lip contact sends a primary message, which is “I want to kiss you and — hopefully, sometime soon — make out, but it’s early and we’re not there yet, so this peck on the lips is a suggestion that there is to be much more smooching in our future.”

2. A long peck. This lasting closed-mouth kiss is chaste and restrained. It cherishes the grown-up relationships as if saying:  “We are so about to make out big-time.”

3. Woodpecker. Rapid-fire kisses. It resembles a game with the following implication: “I really like you, a lot, but I don’t want to get myself all randy right now.” It’s cute and lovely, usually exercised in public where nobody wants to see you swallow each other’s faces.

4. French kiss. Also called the king of kisses. And this is for a reason! A bit of theory: it involves open mouths and tongue interaction. French kiss is too complex to be described generally, thus it requires further subdivision.
b) Tongue Tango. Ideally an elegant ballet of tongue play, the Tongue Tango occurs when the tips of the tongues push off of each other and twist around as if saying:  “I think outside the box in and out of bed.”
c) He’s Eating My Mouth. The kisser opens his or her mouth as wide as possible, rolls their tongue all around and down their partner’s throat and then, inexplicably, slides it all over their poor partner’s face.
It means: “I want you to think I’m really s*xual and passionate but in reality, I am totally oblivious to your vibe and will probably stink in bed. Big time.”

5. Love Bite. Enough for French kisses. Getting in a little nip of the lip or neck means “I’m playful,” and might also reveal that you’re not totally opposed to a little bit of pain with your pleasure.  But don’t overdo by drawing blood. LOL

6. I Love You/I Hate You. This  is a really informative kiss saying “You make me so mad and I can’t stand you but I must have you and that makes me even more mad which makes me want you even more, DAMN YOU!!!” So, as you see, informative enough, Should be practiced on special occasions though.

7. Hard-mouth-closed. This one is featured in many classic films. It occurs when the leading man finally pins down his female nemesis/love interest and plants one on her. Accompanied by a wrist grab, it says: “I’m going to teach you not to sass me and give me guff, by gum!”

8. Against The Wall. As simple as that: “I want you so bad.”  This kiss occurs spontaneously and in a semi-public setting. But that awkward moment when you always wish there was a bed nearby that you could collapse into…

9. The Bend Back. Although it is old-fashioned, it’s extremely romantic, when the man leans in to his woman and bends her backward, often with one hand holding the small of your back, and the other placed gently against the side of your face. NB: This kiss is only for those crazy in love with each other and wishing to say: “Darling, I am yours. Hold onto your petticoats as my white steed approaches to whisk us away to fairy-land.”

St. Valentine’s Day is behind, but so many kisses have been left unpracticed…

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