Thursday 2 June 2016

Woman Borrows N2.4 Million to Fix Her Sagging Breasts But What She Got Instead is Shocking (Photos)

A woman who took a huge loan just to fix her sagging breasts has ended up with an unflattering version of what she really wanted. 

Kayla Cole
Kayla Cole, a mother-of-two spent £9,000 (about
N2.4million) on a surgical procedure to correct her deflated breasts that looked like 'saggy sacks of skin' but now says the operation has made them 'worse than ever' and ruined her life.
Kayla Cole, from Byron Bay, in New South Wales, is so ashamed of her post-op breasts that she's been hiding them beneath baggy, unflattering clothing ever since her botched surgery.
According to Daily Mail, the 26-year-old decided to get breast implants four years ago, after breastfeeding caused her boobs to drop from EE's to an uneven, saggy B and C-cup.
She was so embarrassed by her deflated cleavage, which she said looked like 'sacks of skin', that she took out a loan of more than £8,500 ($17,000 AUD) for implants to make her a size C.
But three months after surgery, she says her breasts were still uneven - and since then, one implant has started to fall through her breast pocket towards her chest.
Kayla sought a second opinion from another plastic surgeon, who pointed out 11 problems with her new breasts - including the implants being spaced too far apart, different sizing in her nipples and scarring.
She was quoted £2,500 (€5,000 AUD) to correct her boobs and make them symmetrical, but has been unable to afford the operation as she is still paying off her initial surgery.
Kayla (pictured in 2012, left, and today, right) has been left with uneven breasts , wonky nipples and a 'rippling effect' on the skin. 
Since then, Kayla, who is mum to Ryder, two, and Lilli, six, has been hiding her breasts and says she wishes she never had implants as the surgery has ruined her life.
Kayla, a hairdresser, said: ‘I didn't get surgery so that I could be the blonde girl with the massive fake boobs, I just wanted for them to look normal and natural but it all went horribly wrong.
‘I can see the implant ripples on both breasts, one sits lower than the other, one is firmer than the other and that's just from what I can see.
‘My scarring is really bad now and I can see all the edges of the implant around my breast and can feel them shifting down, falling out of my breast pocket.
‘As time has gone they have only got worse. There are so many problems with them, it's been a nightmare.'
Kayla says she only wears 'high tops and t-shirts' now, as she doesn't like people seeing her uneven cleavage.   
‘My confidence went from zero to rock-bottom after the surgery,' she confessed. 'I'm so self-conscious now because I know my boobs are deformed.
‘I've had a lot of anxiety because of them and must have shed a thousand tears, I still struggle to look at them in the mirror.
‘All I wanted was normal, natural sized boobs after they were saggy and different cup sizes from breastfeeding, now they're worse than ever.
‘After breastfeeding my boobs went from a massive EE to a B and a C-cup, they were like saggy sacks of skin.'
She says the sagging was so bad that she even tried to hide them from her partner of nine years, Martin, 33 - but since the surgery she is 'more self-conscious than ever'. 
'If I could take it all back I would,’ she added,
Kayla before the surgery
Kayla first raised concerns with her surgery at a three-month check-up, but was told that the size difference between her breasts was due to swelling and bruising from surgery.
But months later, the problems were getting worse. Desperate for answers, Kayla sought a second opinion from another plastic surgeon.
The surgeon, who wishes to remain anonymous, identified 11 problems which he says were caused by poor cosmetic surgery and are likely to get worse with time.
Kayla said: ‘My surgeon has taken no responsibility at all and has blamed the problems on me putting on a few pounds, which after consulting another surgeon is not the problem.
‘I called up many lawyers to try to take my surgeon to court, but I'm not in a financial position to pay. I have two young children, a business and I'm still paying off my initial surgery costs.
‘When I took the loan I was 21 years old on benefits, and was able to borrow £8,500 (17,000 AUD) - it kills me knowing every week I'm still paying off surgery that ruined my boobs.’
Now Kayla is sharing her story as a warning to others, in the hope that they won't suffer the same problems she has.
She said: ‘I was quick to get surgery so the one thing I would say to others is just make sure you do your research and read all of the reviews available for the company.
‘Don't just read one or two, or only the positive ones, because it can all go wrong.’

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