Wednesday 22 June 2016

Niger Delta Militant Group Threatens Full Scale Destruction of Oil Facilities as FG fails to comply with Negotiation

One of the several Niger Delta militant groups have berated the Federal Government on its commitment to a peaceful negotiation during the ceasefire agreement. 

Ultimate Warriors which is said to be a Niger Delta militant group affiliated to the notorious Niger Delta Avengers has criticised the Federal Government over its inability to effectively utilize judiciously the 2 weeks ceasefire agreed with the militant groups in the South-south part of Nigeria.
According to the group, the agreement expired on Monday showing the lack of seriousness on the part of the government. The group publicized its views in an official statement released by its Media Director, Sibiri Taiowoh.
Taiowoh stated that the group maybe forced to embark on a full scale destruction of oil facilities to finally ground Nigeria's monocultural economy.

The group in the statement titled, ‘If you make the peaceful change that we seek impossible, we will make violent change possible’, stressed, “We are sounding this as a last warning before the whirlwind gets down. The tsunami that would descend in coming days would be severe for the current government to handle.
“We bet you this government wouldn’t be able to handle what would happen in the Niger Delta in the days ahead. When it gets down, they would say the opposition is behind it but we don’t care. All over the world, militia groups emerge for a reason and we have made our reasons clear and vivid.”
According to them, instead of the government to open doors of discussion, its senior ministers were busy throwing punches at each other and playing politics with the core issues relating to the region.

It added, “Two week of ceasefire had gone without any tangible effort by the government. No roundtable dialogue has kick started, instead, government officials are quarreling over critical issue of national important.

“Our patience is running out and we have decided to let the world know our grievances pure and plain again. The operations that would follow these plans are strategic and all operations would be codified as our goals have been codified in a one line mission statement.”

“Our mission is simple; give us our rightful due as producer of Nigeria oil wealth. We would not give you the peace you want to continue the exploitation of our people if we don’t see proactive government action on major federal government projects in the Niger Delta like the multibillion dollar Export Processing Zone (EPZ) project and the already approved Federal University of Maritime in Okenrenkoko, Delta state.

“For us, this is not about Jonathan, not about Tompolo and any other person they are pointing fingers to as master mind of this well planned attacks. This is about us-the indigent people. This is about our mothers and children you are being ripped off. And some have said why now; it is simple. There is time for everything; this is the time for change and we want the change in the Niger delta now!”
, the statement further stated.

It however distanced itself from some militant groups demanding the FG unfroze some suspected corrupt politicians’ account or halting the prosecution of any person under investigation saying they were not going to be part of any dialogue process lacking transparency and sincerity.

It stated further, “We are of several units in the region and we have commanders, willing soldiers across the region who are waiting for the next line of action to strike. Our mission is to drive government attention to act fast because dialogue-upon- dialogue has failed us. We will ruin the Nigerian oil wealth until Nigeria is restructuring to reflect a true government of the people.

“The federal government cannot continue to give us crumbs. We own the oil, we own the wealth, we will no longer accept outsider’s controlling oil blocs that are in our land. We want 60 percent of it for our people because we own the resources that sustain the country.

“If the federal government cannot call itself to order by visiting the Niger Delta Master Plan or commence immediate implementation of the portion of the 2014 National Conference which created a new road map for the speedy development of the region, then Buhari should expect violent change for his first four years in office.

“We are giving the National Assembly ultimatum to act in this direction towards the Niger Delta region. We cannot have you and still be suffering annexation, deprivation and gross injustice in the hands of the Nigeria state. By the time we are through with total blowing up or shutting down of all oil installations in the core oil producing states of Rivers, Akwa-Ibom, Delta, Bayelsa, Cross-Rivers, Ondo, where willing men have been positioned, the members of the legislature who failed to act decisively when we needed them most in this crisis would be our next targets. The institutions will follow”,
 it added.

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