Tuesday 30 December 2014

Selfies: How far should you go?

I am not a great fan of the social media by any
means. I am shy, in fact, afraid of them. For me,
their disadvantage far outweighs the merits. one
must therefore be very careful, especially if, like
me, you don’t really have a good knowledge of it.
Better safe than sorry is my watch word concerning
such matters. Until very recently, when I hooked up
on the WhatsApp, I only could allow myself the
luxury of the Blackberry Messenger. For me, the
Facebook as well as several similar platforms were
a no go area.
I joined Facebook and Linkedin late last year on the
prompting of my son, who insisted after the public
presentation of my book, Youth, Sex and Wellbeing,
that they were my best bets at  promoting it. Even
as I write, I am yet to take any step in actualising
that. I can count the number of times I’ve visited
both platforms on my fingertips, I’m only there when
it’s absolutely necessary. I only discovered in the
last few days that I could actually be more
comfortable using the Linkedin services, even as
my fears of the Facebook has so far been justified
even on the count of the hour.
On Thursday, October 23, after our Vanguard
Women’s Roundtable Conference titled “The plight
of women and children in the face of emerging
Terrorism, which way forward?” Vanguard’s
Administrative Manager, Victor Gotebve informed
me that he had uploaded the pictures on his
Facebook page. So, I decided to check the next day
and thereafter, use the opportunity to update some
of the information on my timeline too. The things I
stumbled upon that day and subsequent visits
thereafter have forced me to conclude that I am
very naive or indeed a novice of some of the things
happening around me.
The first headline that caught my attention was a
posting on the currently running Big Brother game,
directing one to click in to watch clips of the shower
session of three of the housemates. My reaction
was that we have outsmarted Multichoice as usual.
Then, there was another link to watch a leaked
video of a Nigerian undergraduate girl while strip
dancing for her on-line lover. My reaction to this
was, “are people still doing that kind of thing these
days?” Then doubt crawled in, the owner could be
misinforming people just to drive traffic to the blog.
Finally, out of curiosity, I decided to confirm. Boy,
was it for real? The face of the young lady was not
concealed in any way as she danced her heart out
for the pleasure of whoever it was meant for before
it hit the internet, her jigida or bebedi, glistening
against the rays of light. Even as I pondered over
the rational for this lady’s action, yet another link
popped up on the same person’s page. This time, it
directed friends to another link to see how a
teenage boy shagged his sugar mummy lover and
then posted it online. Yet another link came up
directing one to watch a school girl being pumped
by her lover. Incidentally, this was quite dubious as
it had no faces, only the sex organs in use were
visible. This girl also had a set of jigida strings and
a huge sense of patriotism as they bore the green
and white colours of the Nigerian flag.
I logged back in on Sunday and the postings
continued. There was another of a young lady who
was being bumped doggy style and screaming on
the top of her lungs. I wondered why since it was
obvious that she was not being raped. This video
however did not show the face of the guy and I
guessed it might have been secretly recorded
without the girl’s permission. Then there were two
other posting allegedly leaked on the internet by the
girls in the pictures in a bid to up their clientele
drive or to simply flaunt their impressive gifts from
mother nature.
And finally, for the first time, I found the courage to
see the hideous video of the torture of the two
women in Ikotun area of Lagos who were alleged of
stealing ordinary pepper. That marked my
experience on Facebook last week. I intend to visit
more often as a few other things also caught my
I tried to analyse the content of the various links I
viewed and several questions popped up in my
mind. Apart from the pictures and videos
purportedly posted by the owners, all others
showed only the faces of the women and not the
guys. This as I have said did not seem right, unless,
the men had edited themselves out and then
deliberately posted the videos to hurt these poor
girls. Should this be the case, why if I may ask?
For any female, prostitute or otherwise, it takes two
to tango and you must have arrived at that level of
undress through some form of mutual agreement or
concession of sort. Even a prostitute does not
deserve to be secretly videoed and posted on the
internet for everyone to see. That is wicked and
definitely not part of the bargain.

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